Riot Games is working on an Aurelion Sol Gameplay Update and dev KingCobra shared some insights into what his kit is going to be like


Riot Games Devs Are Trying to Make Aurelion Sol the Coolest

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Riot Games wants to truly embody the big personality of Aurelion Sol and make it shine in his new ability kit.
Riot KingCobra revealed that they are in early ideation and want him to be a late-game mage.

For a while now, the League of Legends community has been pushing for an Aurelion Sol rework and Riot Games has embarked on the journey to do justice to the star dragon of the League universe. Courtesy of his unique design and lore, Aurelion Sol is one of the champions who appeals the most to the player base. Star Forger Aurelion Sol was added to the lineup of League of Legends champions back in 2016 and went through a rework, after which his presence in the game plummeted significantly.

After staying silent on the matter for quite some time now, Riot Games has revealed that a Sol rework is in early development and gave a glimpse of early ideations to the players.

Riot Games gives a sneak peek into plans for Aurelion Sol

In a recent ‘Devs Spill the Beans’ episode, Producer Rob “Riot KingCobra” Rosa talked about why he loves the space dragon and what is in store for the Starforger’s gameplay update. The video did not reveal too much but KingCobra stated that the Riot Games developers (devs) were looking at a new direction for Aurelion Sol and transforming him into a late-game mage.

The major idea of the gameplay update is to give the dragon an ability kit that reflects his lore which portrays him to be a bombastic, egotistical dragon god. After the gameplay update, Aurelion Sol will be “expressing his god-like powers through a unique scaling fantasy.

The video also featured mini-clips of the ability reworks that are in progress. “So, some of Aurelion Sol’s spells are going to grow larger and larger in size.” Additionally, as the spells grow larger in size, the visuals will also be reflecting the new power that they have.

Ashen Lord Aurelion Sol

According to KingCobra, the goal is to make the players feel like a space god when they get to the late game phase with Aurelion Sol.

Interestingly, Aurelion Sol is still ranked in the A tier, according to the data by U.GG and he has a win rate of 51.77%. However, the dragon’s pick and ban rate are abysmal and they reflect the fact that only those who main him are still playing him.

  • Pick Rate: 0.7%

  • Ban Rate: 0.1%

It is fair to say that Aurelion Sol has vanished from the Summoner’s Rift and players really want to see him make a glorious comeback. Despite new information about the gameplay update, Riot Games has not revealed the actual dates for the release of his rework. Given that the devs are still in early ideation, this could take a fair amount of time before the new Aurelion Sol actually hits the live servers.

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