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Riot Dev Responds to Player Backlash Over Valorant Episode 4 Ranked Reset

Abhimannu Das
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Valorant’s senior competitive designer Jonathan “EvrMoar” Walker responded to player concerns over the recent ranked reset.
Riot Games reset player MMR as part of the launch of Episode 4 which has upset a part of the community.
Ranked resets will continue to happen in the future and the reset rules have not changed since Episode 2 according to Walker.

Valorant fans are upset over the ranked reset that came with Episode 4 earlier this week. With the start of the new ranked season, a rank reset was initiated by Riot Games to correct player MMR (Matchmaking Rating). In some cases, players have dropped a few ranks and they now need to play extra games to climb back to where they previously were. Players have taken to social media and other online platforms to express their concerns, which have been addressed by Riot Games.

Riot Games defends its stance to reset player MMR

Valorant’s senior competitive designer Jonathan “EvrMoar” Walker responded to a Reddit thread discussing the developers’ stance on the matter. He is aware of the frustrations that come along with a ranked reset but it affects everyone evenly. Players are not singled out and the same rules apply to everyone when a reset happens. Walker also clarified that these rules have been in place since Episode 2 and it is unlikely any changes will be made to them unless specified.

He mentioned that the player base is constantly evolving and various skills trickle down to lower ranks over time. Every episode is different and the meta also affects the skill levels over time. The ranked system demands that you to be in touch with the current meta and are comfortable in the competitive atmosphere in your rank.

The ranked reset also helps Riot identify boosted and botted accounts. While there are systems in place, it is impossible for Riot Games to detect all such accounts. Resetting the rank every episode ensures that the Valorant ranked experience is fun for most players.

Does Riot Games intentionally increase grind with its rank resets?

A number of players online may feel that Riot Games resets player rank to artificially increase player engagement and playtime. With players losing extra ranks during a reset, they may need to play much longer to climb back to their previous rank.

Walker addressed the concern stating “Our team does not have a requirement to increase playtime, or any expectation that we must enforce a grind; we also do not have anyone above us pushing these ideals or goals. Creating an artificial grind is a bad thing, in fact we try to avoid it as much as possible. We play and love Valorant just like everyone here in the community, we want to have a game we all can enjoy.”

A rank reset does not take away the player’s skill and if you truly belong in a certain rank, you will be able to climb back to it and maintain your rank over time.

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