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Respawn Plans to Bring Back Limited-Time Events Starting Next Season

Abhimannu Das
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Respawn will be focusing on limited-time modes in its trios and duos modes once again starting with Apex Legends Season 11.
Most of the recent LTMs have been restricted to Arenas recently and that is set to change with the arrival of holiday-themed modes.
With the Christmas collection event coming soon, players might get their hands on the Holo Bash event once again featuring 3v3 gameplay in a moving train.

Apex Legends’ events at launch were among some of the best with Grand Soirée, The Old Ways and Holo-Day Bash being regarded as some of the best limited-time modes till date. But Respawn started cutting down on the limited-time modes and we have not had a LTM like Solos in over two years. If you miss hopping into the limited-time modes, we have some good news for you. Respawn will be bringing back the LTMs starting Season 11 and we might get some of the holiday themed events like Holo Day Bash to make a comeback this holiday season.

Why were the limited-time modes removed from Apex Legends?

When Apex Legends first came out, Respawn started adding limited-time modes where players could experience the game with various modifiers, unique gameplay mechanics and more. As the game aged, Respawn started adding more servers and the playerbase experienced a decline. Both of these factors led to the LTM population dwindling out, and players were unable to find matches.

Respawn eventually decided to force players into LTMs by completely removing the casual Trios and Duos modes. It meant that players no longer had a choice and they would have to either play ranked or play the LTMs and it made many players unhappy. Arenas is also to blame for the lack of LTMs in recent seasons as most of the recent events have been focusing on Arenas, leaving battle royale players with no fun game modes to try out.

Why are limited-time modes making a return?

Towards the end of 2020, Apex Legends released on Steam and the playerbase started growing rapidly and we now have tons of new players. Cross-play is also available which has helped populate the servers and the game automatically switches regions during odd hours if it cannot find games. For example, if you choose the Singapore 1 server and there are not players in queue, you may be put into Singapore GCE1 or Singapore GCE2 to ensure you get into matches without experiencing long queue times.

In an interview with Gamerbraves, Respawn Team Director Steven Ferreira stated that LTMs will be making a return. And we can expect some fresh LTms for the first time as well.

Some of the best LTMs Apex Legends had were arguably in its first year and with the holiday season around the corner, players might be treated with the Holo Day Bash event making a return or something completely new.

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