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Peter Zhang Clears the Air Regarding His Firing From TSM

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Peter Zhang released a statement to address the claims of him being a “player agent."
In his Twitlonger, Zhang denied being a player agent and taking cuts from players after they were signed by Team SoloMid.
Zhang also apologized to SwordArt and other players from whom he had “borrowed” money.

Team SoloMid (TSM) sacked its League of Legends coach and head of player development Zhang "Peter Zhang" Yi on 19th March. Nearly a week after he was fired from TSM, Peter Zhang has broken his silence and released a statement on his Twitter handle. In his initial comment on the matter on TSM’s Discord channel, Zhang had said that he would not post or comment on the incident. However, the Dexerto report by Richard Lewis forced Zhang to address some of the issues that had been reported.

Zhang denies claims of him being a player agent

Zhang wrote in his statement that he "was not [a] player agent and never took a cut" from the players’ salaries. He stated that the part of the report that claimed that he "would work with management to select players for their roster" made it seem like he “chose players on purpose and messed up scouting” for his benefit.

Peter Zhang stated that the management was looking to rope in players, from either Europe, China, or Korea, who were mechanically good and were willing to adapt to the new training schedule. He added that he had suggested Chinese talents this off-season to the TSM management and that he helped figure out which players were too expensive for TSM and which did not want to move to North America.

The former TSM coach also denied allegations of being in an agent-like setup and taking a service fee when the players were signed by the organization.

Zhang stated, “Anyone can check that I am telling the truth by asking any of these players or any player I have ever worked with. I have never asked to be their agent to talk to TSM and I have never taken a part of their salary. They will all agree with me.

Peter Zhang issues an apology

While addressing the situation about Hu "SwordArt" Shuo-Chieh, Zhang agreed to have sold SwordArt’s car but kept it in the dark. “My grandmother [was] in the hospital and my family needed money. I had promised SwordArt last year that I would pay him for the car to keep myself or send him money when I sold it. I was able to sell it, but I hid it from him and sent that money to my family for part of the expenses,” he said.

He also apologized to the players and TSM management members who were affected by his actions. Zhang also clarified that the money he had borrowed has been returned to all the players.

Thoughts on TSM this season

Peter Zhang stated that TSM does not feel the same this year around and that he was sad at how this season has turned out and how players are on the receiving end of criticism. After pointing out that most of the key figures in TSM have left, he said that there was no one around to help. “Now it feels like everyone is angry or scared about something and there is no one to help. Everyone wants to just blame each other. Spica didn't bench Shenyi and everyone from the community blamed him, but no one from TSM help[ed] him. I didn’t know if I should say something on Twitter because maybe I [would get] fired or punished,” he added.

On 19th March, TSM released an official statement on its Twitter handle stating it was made aware of very serious allegations of conflict of interest and unethical practices against League of Legends coach Peter Zhang. Following this, Zhang was terminated from the organization and TSM stated that it was working with an external legal counsel to complete a full investigation.

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