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Paper Rex Fans Host Valorant Masters Berlin Watch Party in GTA RP Servers

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Paper Rex fans hosted a watch party to watch the Valorant Masters Berlin event live as their favorite team competed against Vision Strikers.
The team did not win last night but it put on a commendable performance against what is regarded to be Asia's best team.
The team will be going up against SuperMassive Blaze next week in an elimination match which will see one team get knocked out of the event.

Paper Rex fans were cheering for their favorite teams in one of GTA’s roleplaying servers recently. With Riot Games being unable to host Valorant Masters Berlin to a live audience, and Paper Rex fans took it upon themselves to create their own unique viewing experience and bring the team’s fans together. The fans cheered on as Paper Rex went up against Vision Strikers. Unfortunately, the team was unable to secure a win against Vision Strikers and lost the matchup 0-2. The team will be looking to recuperate from the loss and secure a win in its next match against SuperMassive Blaze.

How Paper Rex fans hosted a watch party within GTA V

Roleplaying servers in GTA V took Twitch by storm earlier this year with the game skyrocketing in terms of views on the platform. RP servers are hosted by private individuals and they make of GTA V assets using mods to host custom games. Paper Rex fans hosted their own games to watch the team’s matches together yesterday against Paper Rex. You can check out a short clip from the self-hosted watch party below.

Paper Rex and Bren Esports were supposed to head to Valorant Masters Berlin to represent Southeast Asia. Bren Esports was unable to make it to the event due to visa issues, leaving Paper Rex to be the only Southeast Asian team to represent the region.

The team went up against Vision Strikers, but it fell short. While it lost 0-2 against the Korean team, it was one of the most competitive matchups of the event so far. Despite Vision Strikers taking an early 8-4 lead on Haven, Paper Rex managed to hold on and it even led to a tactical timeout, making Vision Strikers reassess its strategies. Vision Strikers ended up winning the first game.

The second match of the night started with a 9-3 lead in Paper Rex’s favor but Vision Strikers came back with a seven-round winstreak in the second half of the matchup on Icebox. The match ended 13-11 in Vision Striker’s favor. Paper Rex will be going up against SuperMassive Blaze on 15 September in an elimination match, which will decide if the Southeast Asian team will remain in contention for a Valorant Masters Berlin win or not.

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