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Paper Rex and OpTic Gaming Reach Masters Copenhagen Upper Bracket Finals

Abhimannu Das
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Paper Rex is on its way to become the most-successful APAC Valorant team to date.
If the team wins against OpTic Gaming on 22nd July, it will qualify for the grand final.
OpTic Gaming has called Paper Rex's playstyle unique to its players and that it cannot be replicated.

Paper Rex’s unorthodox playstyle has surprised everyone as the Asia-Pacific team is now headed to the upper bracket finals. The team from Singapore has drawn the attention of teams from across the globe with OpTic Gaming’s head coach Chet “Chet” Singh stating in 17th July’s official press conference, “I think you can’t really copy their comps and how they play because it’s very unique to their players.” OpTic Gaming will be facing off against Paper Rex on 22nd July for a spot at the grand final.

Paper Rex vs Fnatic Recap

Fnatic was one of the fan favorites heading into the event and it ended up losing to Paper Rex on both maps last night. Jing Jie "Jinggg" Wang’s aggressive playstyle was too much for the European team to handle as he ended the night with 46 kills and an average combat score of 292.

Paper Rex was tied 6-6 on Ascent and it managed to edge past Fnatic in the second half thanks to its aggressive playstyle. The APAC team won 13-11 against Fnatic and managed to close things off with another impressive 13-10 victory. Paper Rex had the lead in the first half and Fnatic could not respond to Paper Rex’s unorthodox playstyle and ended up being knocked into the lower bracket.

OpTic Gaming vs DRX Recap

Things were not as one-sided in the other matchup of the night as OpTic went up against DRX. Korean team DRX stomped OpTic Gaming 13-4 in the first half on Fracture and fans were taken aback by the one-sided nature of the game. OpTic Gaming responded with a 13-4 victory of its own on Breeze and took things to the third and final game of the night.

On Bind, Optic started things off with a solid 8-4 scoreline in the first half but DRX managed to claw its way back into the game with an impressive second half. Despite securing a 7-5 scoreline in the second half of the game, it was too little too late for DRX as OpTic managed to seal the deal with a 13-11 scoreline.

It remains to be seen if OpTic Gaming can finally stop Paper Rex’s dominance at the event in the next set of upper bracket matches. Paper Rex will go up against OpTic Gaming on 22nd July for a spot at the grand final.

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