Blizzard has some reworks for Overwatch 2's Cassidy and Brigitte in the pipeline.


Overwatch 2: Blizzard Is Planning Changes for Cassidy and Brigitte

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Blizzard has some reworks for Cassidy and Brigitte in the pipeline.
Lead Hero Designer Alec Dawson answered a number of fan concerns in a Twitter AMA.

Lead Hero Designer Alec Dawson said that Blizzard Entertainment has planned a few changes for Brigitte and Cassidy in a Twitter AMA (Ask Me Anything). Dawson said the developer was working on changes to Brigitte’s ultimate and adding more utility to Overwatch 2’s resident cowboy. 

Overwatch will bring changes to Brigitte and Cassidy along with Wrecking Ball

In the Twitter, AMA, Dawson mentioned that the developer is planning some changes to Brigitte’s ultimate Rally.  “We have something we like design-wise for Brig's Ult but it does require additional resources (art,vfx, etc.). Still figuring out exact timeline for the change.

As of now, Brigitte’s ultimate Rally gives allies additional health and movement speed for a short duration. While largely unchanged from Overwatch, Brigitte’s Shield Bash now knocks back instead of stunning enemies, making it more of a utility tool. The lack of stun now makes her less effective at close-range fights, however, the lower cooldown allows her to use it more frequently. 

Many players have been unhappy with the current state of Support heroes in the game. As one AMA participant pointed out, Support heroes got “so few changes compared to other roles”. Regarding this Dawson said that the pressure on Supports is coming from a ‘few heroes’. He hopes that the Sojourn changes can "alleviate a good amount of that pressure."  

Blizzard also intends to add more utility to Cassidy at a later date. Dawson thinks the hero is “too one-note in his capabilities” and the developer wants to make him more useful in future reworks.

Cassidy also plays quite similarly to his older Overwatch counterpart. The biggest change to the hero’s kit has been removing his stun. While the Magnetic Grenade lets him do a lot of burst damage, he is more vulnerable to close-range heroes like Reaper. Several Overwatch heroes have gone through reworks for Overwatch 2 including Orisa, Bastion, Doomfist, and Mei and Blizzard has others in the pipeline. Wrecking ball is currently at the top of the list for the developer in terms of a rework.

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