NICKMERCS Wants Warzone to Copy an Important Feature From Apex Legends

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Map rotations are a necessity for Warzone as players easily get bored of playing just one map for months in the battle royale game modes.
Apex Legends has map rotations that change every few hours for casual matches and each ranked season has two maps available.
Warzone is supposedly getting four maps with the launch of Modern Warfare 2, which would make map rotations even more important.

Verdansk is one of the fan-favorite maps in Warzone and a lot of players want the map to return to the game. Popular streamer Nicholas “NICKMERCS” Kolcheff shares the same sentiment and feels Warzone should take a page out of Apex Legends’ book. Each season, Apex Legends has a specific map rotation and it allows players to experience multiple maps instead of feeling burnt out by playing the same map for several months in a row.

NICKMERCS: “Apex does it right”

In a recent video NICKMERCS said that Raven Software should bring Verdansk back stating, “Anybody who says it wouldn’t bring some hype to the game for a little bit before MW2 is crazy. Who in here would be mad if they put the old map back? What’s wrong with that?”

NICKMERCS was talking with FaZe Clan’s Ean “Booya” Chase, who also agreed with NICKMERCS’ thoughts on having a map rotation system similar to Apex Legends. Whenever a new or reworked map comes out in Apex Legends, it is available for one or two weeks without a rotation, giving players enough time to understand all of the map changes. Once the lockout period is over, the game goes to a three-map rotation for casual matches and a two-map split system for ranked play.

In ranked, one map is available for the first half of a season in Apex Legends after which it switches over to a different map. While in casual matches, the maps change every few hours which keeps the gameplay fresh and allows players to experience multiple maps in a row.

Apex Legends also has more maps than Warzone as well as multiple map reworks with new points of interest (POIs) coming out every few months. With a moon map rumored to release later this year, Respawn will have added a total of five maps to Apex Legends.

Modern Warfare 2 is rumored to have four Warzone maps, but we don’t know how many of them will be designed for battle royale modes. With different players being fond of different maps, giving everyone a chance to play on their favorite maps is very important, and it is something Warzone should consider and maybe add a map rotation system in a future update.

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