NA’s Champions Queue Will Make a Return for Worlds 2022

If Riot is ready for Faker vs RJS, so are we!

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Riot Games announced that it will allow pros participating in Worlds 2022 to compete on the exclusive Champions Queue server.
The server will tour the region of North America, ie, it will move to the server closest to the current stage.

Riot Games and League of Legends Esports (LoL Esports) announced that all the teams participating in Worlds 2022 will be able to participate and climb up the ranks in the North American premier server of Champions Queue (CQ). The exclusive server will be made available to all players competing at the World Championship alongside the already-existing player base that got invited to queue in the Champions Queue.

Riot Games said, “With a successful Summer Season behind us — congratulations again IMT Arrow! — Champions Queue is back online! And this time, we’ve gone global.” It added, “That’s right — North America’s refined, high-elo matchmaking service will host the world’s top players, mixing international stars with the best our region has to offer.

The Champions Queue server will move constantly

When the exclusive Champions Queue server was announced, Riot stated that it would be set on the West Coast and players will have access to stable, low pings. The server is run on Los Angeles ping and only has specific hours of operation to allow for pros to practice both scrims and Solo Queue. On 7th September, the company had some exciting news to share with the pros. It said, “In order to provide a low latency environment throughout the multi-city Worlds procession, Champions Queue will move to the server closest to the current stage — Mexico City for Play-Ins, Chicago for Groups through Semifinals, and back to Los Angeles for Finals.

The server will tour along with the teams to make sure that the players have access to the best possible resources during Worlds 2022. Additionally, all matches shall be played on the Worlds Patch – LoL Patch 12.18, and shall support zero-delay streaming by any player or spectator with Champions Queue access.

Riot Games clarified that all current Champions Queue (CQ) players will be given access, pending a review by the CQ Council, to participate. In addition to all players competing at Worlds, any active pro players from a Worlds-qualifying league that plan to travel will be able to request access through their local esport office.

Just like the previous seasons, the exclusive server will feature integrated voice comms, an MMR system, and a redesigned, Worlds-themed public leaderboard for fans. Notably, there will be no prizing for participants during the Worlds 2022 window.

The League of Legends World Championship is one of the most exciting tournaments to watch as the top teams from each region across the world battle it out to become the champion. A total of 24 teams will participate in two stages: Play-ins and Main Event. Worlds 2022 is set to begin on 29th September with the Play-ins set to be held in Mexico City.

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