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Modders Unlock Ability to Wall-Run in Apex Legends

Abhimannu Das
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Apex Legends content creator, ‘MokeySniper’, showed off Titanfall's wall-running in a modded version of Apex Legends.
While wall-running can be added to the game, Respawn chose to leave it out of Apex Legends.
The only way to officially wall-run in the game currently is in the Shadow Royale game mode during the annual Halloween event.

One of the core mechanics of Titanfall was wall-running but it never made it into Apex Legends’ standard battle royale modes. However, some Apex Legends modders have been able to add wall-running into the game, and while it is not going to work on the official version of the game, it is possible. A wall-running gameplay was posted by content creator, ‘MokeySniper’ and it was captured in an unofficial version of the game. It is currently not possible to wall-run in Apex Legends, but players might soon be able to once the game’s annual Halloween event arrives.

Wall-running may be ‘returning’ to Apex Legends

Last year, Apex Legends introduced the Fight or Fright event's Shadow Royale game mode which allowed players to wall-run, but there was a catch. You could make use of wall-running, but only if you died and respawned as a zombie. It was a limited-time event and considering the fact that Respawn re-introduces most of its annual events, players might be able to wall-run soon. Halloween is on 31st Oct 2021, and Respawn typically launches its Halloween events around 20th October. We might be less than two months away from being able to wall-run again.

The game mode was well-received by the community and it allowed players to even get a pet ‘Prowler’, which is a dog-like creature, to accompany them if both teammates were turned into zombies. While the wall-running mechanics in the Fight or Fright event was not exactly the same as Titanfall’s mechanics, it was quite close. Players got access to much larger leap distances and were able to wall-run on any vertical surface in the game.

The gameplay showed off in Mokeysniper’s video is exactly how Titanfall’s wall-running mechanics work. However, since the modded version of the game is not officially endorsed by Electronic Arts (EA) or Respawn, attempting to get your hands on such mods or trying to mod the game yourself, can lead to potential bans.

The only legitimate way to wall-run in Apex Legends is in the Fight or Fright event and if you missed it last year, you might want to stick around when the event drops to experience what is arguably one of the game’s most fun events.

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