Skyesports SEA Championship - MiTH Eliminates GodSquad


MiTH Eliminates GodSquad From the Skyesports SEA Championship

Both teams from India have been knocked out of the tournament.

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MiTH clean sweeps GodSquad (Global Esports) in the lower bracket finals of the Skyesports SEA Championship.
GodSquad has been eliminated from the tournament while MiTH sets up a grand final match against Bleed Esports.
This was the last professional Valorant match that the current Global Esports lineup was playing together.

The third and final day of the Skyesports SEA Championship kicked off with the lower bracket final taking place between MiTH (Made in Thailand) and GodSquad (Global Esports), the winner qualifying ahead to the grand finals to go up against Bleed Esports while the loser would be eliminated from the tournament.

Having witnessed a really close match go down between Velocity Gaming and GodSquad - the last ever Val'Clasico, many were excited to witness yet another power-packed performance from the last remaining Indian representatives.

Unfortunately, this feeling quickly turned into gloom as MiTH made quick work of GodSquad across Icebox and Fracture to walk into the grand finals with a clean '2-0' series win.

Skyesports SEA Championship: MiTH clean sweeps GodSquad to reach the grand finals

Bleed Esports will be going up against MiTH in the grand finals of the Skyesports SEA Championship followings its dominant victory over GodSquad in the lower bracket finals.

The first game between the two was played on Icebox, GodSquad's map pick. Despite the map advantage, the team was not able to find the required momentum to get things going and finished the first half with only three rounds to its name.

GodSquad was able to string three rounds as attackers early on in the second half but MiTH was able to find its way back into the game and took it down '13-6' to claim the first map.

The second game took place on MiTH's pick, Fracture, where GodSquad continued its slump and was unable to find any solutions to the relentless pressure created by MiTH's attack as MiTH finished the half with a huge '9-3' lead.

MiTH defeats GodSquad to reach the grand finals

This game was a shortlived affair in the second half as Global Esports failed to execute appropriately, giving way to a disappointing '13-3' loss that resulted in a clean sweep by MiTH, through which it set itself up for a revenge match against its regional rivals.

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