LPL pros will get fined by for playing other games besides League of Legends revealed LNG mid-laner and pro player Doinb


LNG Mid-laner Doinb Says LPL Pros Will Be Fined for Streaming Other Games

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Doinb revealed on a recent stream that LPL players are not allowed to stream other games, apart from League of Legends, during the regular season and the offseason.
He added that pros will be fined by the LPL if they are caught streaming other games.

LNG’s mid-laner Kim “Doinb” Tae-Sang revealed on a recent stream that Tencent League of Legends Pro League (LPL) players are not allowed to stream other games apart from League of Legends. This reportedly applies to Chinese pro players during the regular season and the off-season. The Chinese league has been one of the top regions in the international scene of the game and the success is often linked to how hard they work. However, this rule around streaming other games may come across as new and is rather bizarre.

Doinb says LPL pros cannot stream other games

According to a translation by LPL Fanclub Twitter account, Doinb said, “You can’t be playing other games on stream during the offseason. I’ve said this multiple times, you can’t be playing other games. We are not allowed to play the games with a pro league. It’s not allowed.

He stated that this is the reason why many pros play other games off-stream. “If you play those games on stream, you will be fined.

In other regions including Korea, North America, and Europe, it is very common for League of Legends pro players to play and stream other games during the regular season and off-season. In the off-season especially, pros tend to take a break from League of Legends, to take some time off for themselves or play other games with their friends.

In fact, North America’s premiere server, the Champions Queue (CQ), which was introduced in February, went on a mini-break. Riot Games mentioned that players were looking for offseason breaks to reset and mentally prepare for the next split and it skipped Split 3 of the Champion’s Queue Spring Season, since it overlapped with the “off-season” between the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) Spring and LCS Summer splits.

In his latest episode of the Trash Talk podcast titled “VOYBOY HAS BEEN WHERE?!” Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng talked about how boring it is to stream League of Legends sometimes since it does not have Duo Queue in higher rank tiers and one has to play and grind through Solo Queue all by themselves. Most pros do not duo queue anyway and to have a rule that bars you from playing other games on stream sounds a bit taxing.

World champion Doinb, despite the huge amount of fines he has paid throughout his career for leaking information about the LPL on his stream, continues to enthrall his audience with more inside information.

At the start of June, Doinb said, “I got fined for leaking the Summer Split date, it cost me 50K RMB (7,480 USD). I was fined 60K RMB ($ 8,977 USD) last month. Since 2019, I have been fined hundreds of thousands of RMB in total.

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