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Global Esports Takes Down DAMWON Gaming to Reach Valorant APAC LCQ Upper Bracket Quarterfinals

Abhimannu Das
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Indian esports team Global Esports started its journey in the VCT APAC LCQ with a win against Korean team DAMWON Gaming.
GE secured a 2-1 victory in a best of three series against the Korean team.
GE will be going up against Paper Rex next at the upper bracket quarterfinals on 12th October.

Global Esports took on DAMWON Gaming in the Valorant Champions Tour APAC Last Chance Qualifiers and secured a 2-1 victory. The Indian team will be competing against Paper Rex tomorrow at the upper bracket quarter-finals. Paper Rex is one of the most dominant teams in the SEA Valorant scene and it is one of the most anticipated matchups of the event. With Riot Games implementing a double-elimination bracket for the APAC LCQ, DAMWON Gaming is still in contention and the team will be facing either FULL SENSE or REJECT in the lower bracket on 13th October.

Global Esports vs DAMWON Gaming Recap and Highlights


Game 1 (Global Esports won 13-8)

The first game was on Haven with Global Esports and while the game started off close with a 6-6 score during half-time, Global Esports dominated the second half and secured seven round wins while DAMWON could win only two. With a solid 13-8 victory, Global Esports was looking confident and ready to win the series.

Game 2 (DAMWON Gaming won 13-7)

DAMWON Gaming won the first half 7-5 on Ascent and while Global Esports applied pressure during the first half, the team succumbed to DAMWON in the second half. DWG secured a comfortable 13-7 victory and took the series to the third game.

Game 3 (Global Esports won 13-5)

GE developed a solid 9-3 lead on Split and the team needed to win only four rounds in the second half. The Valorant Conquerors Championship winners sealed the series against DWG and secured a 4-2 scoreline in the second half to end the match 13-5.


In the last round of the series Kim ‘T3xture’ Na-ra popped off in the end and took out two GE players in the end but Global Esports’ Ganesh ‘SkRossi’ Gangadhar wouldn’t have any of it and wiped out the remaining members of the squad.

Global Esports will be looking to secure a win against Paper Rex, who might be the team’s toughest opponent at the APAC LCQ. Paper Rex has been dominant in the Southeast Asian Valorant scene and it has previously competed in Valorant Masters Berlin. The teams will face each other on 12th October 2021 at the upper bracket quarter-finals.

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