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FunPlus Phoenix Become Valorant Stage Two Champions

Abhimannu Das
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FunPlus Phoenix beat Paper Rex at the grand finals of the Valorant Masters Copenhagen to take home $200,000 USD.
The team will represent EMEA at Valorant Champions in Istanbul, Turkey.
Grand finalist Paper Rex has also qualified for Valorant Champions and will be representing APAC at Champions.

FunPlus Phoenix managed to claw its way back from a loss in the first match of the playoffs stage to become Stage Two champions. The team had a shaky start with Fnatic knocking the team into the lower bracket and since then, the team defeated Guild Esports, DRX, Fnatic, OpTic Gaming, and Paper Rex. The team will be taking home $200,000 USD in prize money out of the $650,000 prize pool and it stands a chance to become world champion at the world championship later this year.

FunPlus Phoenix finally gets its redemption story

FunPlus has been one of the best teams this year but due to unfortunate circumstances, the team could not compete in Masters Reykjavik. The team could not acquire visas in time and it led to the European team sitting out of the competition. Russian player Dmitry “SUYGETSU” Ilyushin who is a core member of the squad had to sit out of the competition for most of the Masters Copenhagen event due to the same issue, but he finally made it to the event during the team’s matchup against Guild Esports.

SUYGETSU entered the event with FunPlus staring at the possibility of getting knocked out of the competition but since his arrival, the team managed to win every single round including the grand final.

FunPlus is not the only team that had a success story in the event. Paper Rex, impressed everyone at the event with emphatic performances against some of the best teams in the world. The team from Singapore put Asia-Pacific (APAC) on the map after taking on Guild Esports, Fnatic, and OpTic Gaming and winning the matchups in style.

The unorthodox aggressive playstyle was the talk of the event with OpTic Gaming’s head coach Chet “Chet” Singh stating in 17th July’s official press conference, “I think you can’t really copy their comps and how they play because it’s very unique to their players.”

Paper Rex played the final map last night with a double initiator comp featuring Fade and Breach but it was FunPlus that managed to win the series 3-2. It was one of the most explosive finals in Valorant esports history as none of the matches were close and each team completely dominated the other in the maps it won. While APAC has not won a major title yet, Paper Rex might be able to clinch the world championship later this year for the region.

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