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Dynamo Wants To Make a Hydra Gang in GTA V HTRP server

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In a recent livestream, Dynamo revealed that he wants to make a fun and humorous “Hydra Gang” on the HTRP server.
Following this, he stated that he wants to make a comedy gang in which all the members of Hydra get to have fun.

At the start of his recent livestream, Aaditya “Dynamo” Sawant was casually chatting with his audience. One of his viewers requested him not to avoid Vipul “Emperor” Agarwal in the Hydra Town Roleplay (HTRP) server on Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V), a server that Dynamo has recently reinstated. Responding to this, Dynamo stated that he has never ignored any Hydra member ever. Following this, he revealed that he wants to make a fun and humorous “Hydra Gang” in the HTRP server, where every Hydra member is allowed to have fun.

Dynamo wants to make fun and humorous Hydra Gang

Responding to the question, Dynamo stated, “I have never ignored any Hydra members in RP in my life. The only thing is that sometimes these people go out of the box and escalate some things they should not.” He added, “I hope they might have now understood what they should do and how. Let’s see.”

“I want to make a Hydra Gang in RP, which is fun and humorous. No fighting, no arguing, but a complete comedy gang,” said Dynamo. Further, he stated that he wants to make a comedy gang in which all the members of Hydra, including Hrishav “Hrishav” Kumar, Emperor, and Pratik “Alpha Clasher” Jogiya, get to have fun. “A comedy gang in which Hrishav has fun, Emperor gets to have fun, and if Alpha joins, he can have his fun. Something like this should happen,” he added.

Dynamo further added, “It would be fun. But the main thing is we can not do someone else’s character progression according to us. It would be better if they do it where they believe it is good for them.”

Dynamo started the first HTRP over a year ago, where all Hydra members were invited to join along with a few other popular streamers. As a lot of streamers were involved in the server, it quickly gained massive popularity. However, Dynamo had to shut it down after around a year. Following this, Dynamo also started an HTRP 2.0 server, but eventually, it was also shut down. After a lot of demand from fans, Dynamo has reinstated HTRP again and invited a lot of popular content creators, including the creators from popular esports organizations S8UL Esports and GodLike Esports.

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