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What is Apex Legends Arenas Ranked Mode: Release Date

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Apex Legends Arenas ranked mode has been confirmed for a Season 10 release.
The new season will be available on 3rd August and the new ranked mode should be available alongside it.
Ranked rewards and its MMR system are yet to be revealed by Respawn Entertainment.

Respawn Entertainment showcased upcoming content for Apex Legends during the latest EA Play stream and it confirmed that Apex Legends Arenas’ ranked mode is finally coming next season. The developers wanted to ship out ranked mode for Arenas this season but it has been a no-show so far and fans finally got more information about the upcoming game mode. Arenas is a permanent 3v3 game mode where players compete against each other in a controlled environment but there is no ladder system available at the moment. Here is everything we know about the upcoming Arenas ranked mode including its released date.

Apex Legends Arenas ranked mode overview

Fans want a ranked mode for Arenas in Apex Legends as it can help resolve numerous problems that plague the unranked mode. One of the biggest issues with the current state of Arenas is that players tend to leave if they get downed or killed. Another problem is that matchmaking can be hit-or-miss and as pointed out by popular streamer Nokokopuffs, it can feel like a “stomp fest.”

Respawn Entertainment’s Director of Communications Ryan K. Rigney responded to the streamer stating that, "There actually is a hidden MMR-style rating system even in pubs for Arenas," but it doesn’t always stop solo queue players from running into three-stacks and get stomped. With the addition of ranked mode in Arenas, players will be matched with other players of the same skill level leading to more competitive matches.

It is currently unknown what kind of rewards will be available from Apex Legends Arenas ranked mode as the lack of incentives might push people away. For the standard battle royale mode, players get access to dive trails, ranked icons and gun charms. Similar Arenas-exclusive rewards could incentivize players to regularly play the game mode.

Apex Legends Arenas Ranked Mode release date

Apex Legends Arenas ranked mode will release in Season 10 as confirmed by Respawn Entertainment. The estimated release date for Apex Legends Season 10 is 3rd August, which is just over a month away and fans will be able to try out the new ranked mode sometime after the new season launches.

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