Adrd wins the Axie Infinity Origin Championship


Adrd Wins the Axie Infinity Origin Championship 2022

Adrian "adrd" Wojcik wins the grand finale as the Axie Infinity Origin Championship comes to an end.

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The Axie Origin Championship is finally over, and Adrian "adrd" Wojcik took home the championship title.
Patrick Jan "P4TriCK" Zaremba came in second while Ronald "Dealmaker" Cagape came in third.
Most of the 400 AXS ($5.12K USD) prize pool went to Adrian "adrd" Wojcik.

The Axie Origin Championship finally concluded with Adrian "adrd" Wojcik bringing home the championship title along with the lion’s share of the 400 AXS ($5.12K USD) prize pool. Patrick Jan "P4TriCK" Zaremba finished in second place, losing against adrd in the finals.

Ronald "Dealmaker" Cagape secured a third place finish resulting in The Chosen Ones having two of its players finish in the top three positions in the Axie Origin Championship. To compete in the competition, both finalists were required to qualify. In the end, adrd, who had to battle his way through the lower rounds to reach the finals overcame P4TriCK in four sets. The Polish player was behind with 0-1 scoreline but rallied behind his unusual team compositions and completed the three-game winning run with his blood moon poison plan to then win the trophy.

Axie Infinity Origin Championship: Full recap of the tournament

The Axie Infinity Origin Championship took place from 11th June to 12th June. Eight of the most popular Axie Infinity players and content creators were invited to the LAN tournament held in Manila, Philippines. Here are the players that were invited to the event:

  • Enrico “boarknock” Jerome Toliongco

  • Hazel “Hezelya” Mata

  • Sando “Kookoo” YGG

  • Laya

  • Pattie

  • Cara Vergel “Cara Cute” De Dios

  • Atelo

  • Extra Rai

Eight other players also qualified for this event through qualifier tournaments that were held from 20th May to 22nd May. The sixteen players were seeded into a double-elimination playoff bracket from which adrd emerged as the winner of the event.

Axie Infinity Origin Championship Tournament Bracket

Axie Infinity Origin Championship Tournament Bracket

The tournament seems to have been a relatively big success for the blockchain game with the Facebook livestream of the tournament crossing 10k concurrent peak viewers on the day of the finals. At the time of writing, the official Axie Infinity broadcast on Twitch has 4,195 views on its VOD.

The Axie meetup event in the Philippines, held alongside the tournament, sold out in less than eight minutes. This tournament could potentially be a landmark event for Blockchain esports tournaments, and proves that there is definitely an audience that spectates and engages in these events.

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