Skyesports Announces the AMD Ryzen Skyesports League 2021


Skyesports Announces the AMD Ryzen Skyesports League 2021

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  • Skyesports League is back for the second iteration of its Valorant event with a prize pool of 1,500,000 ($20,324).
  • The event will feature 55 days of action with eight teams competing in the competition representing eight Indian cities.
  • The auctions for the players have already concluded on March 31 and the matches are set to kick off on April 9.

Skyesports League is back in 2021 after the previous iteration of the Valorant event garnered over 3.7 million viewers. The event features a city-based model where eight teams representing eight Indian cities will compete for the INR 1,500,000 ($20,324). The event is being hosted in partnership with AMD Ryzen, WD Black, GOGAME, and ACT Broadband. The event will kick off on April 9 and will take place over 55 days with matches taking place in a round-robin format. Tournament coverage of the Skyesports League 2021 will be available in over six local languages on the official Skyesports YouTube channel where players can catch up on all of the action. 

Skyesports League 2021 Format and Schedule

The Skyesports League 2021, features eight teams who will be competing against each other. An auction took place on March 31 where team owners got to pick players for each of the teams. The eight cities being represented in the competition include Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Delhi, Punjab, Rajasthan, and defending champions Hyderabad. All matches will take place in a round-robin format over a period of 55 days. The matches will kick off from April 9. 

Here are the teams who will be competing in the event and their respective franchise owners: 

  • Hyderabad Nawabs: Sentinel
  • Bengaluru Crushers: Rushindra
  • Delhi Dragon: Scout
  • Mumbai Aces: 8Bit Thug
  • Chennai Clutchers: MidFail
  • Punjab Pinnacles: Hydra flick
  • Rajasthan Strikers: Ghatak
  • Kolkata Tridents: Kronten

You can check out the teams' full squads here:

Skyesports League 2021 Prize Pool

Here is the breakdown of the prize pool of the event: 

  • Champions: ₹650,000 ($8,810)
  • 2nd place: ₹300,000 ($4,080) 
  • 3rd place: ₹150,000 ($2,040)
  • 4th place: ₹100,000 ($1,360) 
  • 5th place: 50,000 ($680)
  • 6th place: 50,000 ($680)
  • 7th place: 50,000 ($680)
  • 8th place: 50,000 ($680)
  • Tournament MVP: ₹50,000 ($680)
  • Emerging player: ₹50,000 ($680)

Skyesports League 2021: Where to Watch

Players can catch up on all of the action on the official Skyesports YouTube channel. The event will be broadcast in over six languages.


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