Esports Smartwatch Launched in the Philippines

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  • American MNC, Garmin, has launched an esports smartwatch- Instinct Esports in the Philippines at a price of 16,995 ($353 USD).
  • The watch has a unique esports mode and can track heart rate, stress level and body battery while gaming.
  • It also boasts of a distinctive live streaming tool called, STR3AMUP!, which allows the wearer to broadcast their heart rate, stress level and body battery to the livestream.

An esports smartwatch has just been launched in the Philippines by Garmin. This esports smartwatch, targeted specifically at gamers, can track and broadcast heart rate, stress levels, calories burned, and other necessary data while gaming. The ‘Instinct - Esports Edition’ is currently priced at  PHP 16,995 ($353 USD) and is now available in the Garmin PH brand stores. Besides boasting a classy design, the Instinct Esports edition of the watch also has multiple features targeted at the average esports professional.

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Esports Smartwatch’s Features

The esports smartwatch was officially revealed in October 2020 but has been made available in the Philippines only this month. As for the gamers, the watch has a dedicated “esports mode” that records the gaming time and the wearer’s physical reactions. 

It collects data like heart rate, stress level, and body battery, which the gamer can use to evaluate his gaming time and monitor his emotions.

Uses of the Esports Smartwatch for a Gamer or an Esports Professional

So what makes an Esports Smartwatch special? There are few features that are specifically targeted towards the average esports professional.

  1. The heart rate monitor is a useful feature as it notifies the player if the heart rate stays too high or too low.
  2. The stress level is calculated according to the heart rate variability. 
  3. The body battery feature uses “multiple body and sleep metrics” to determine the player’s energy. Players can use this to decide when to take rest and when to play.
  4. The watch also keeps a tab on your sleeping schedule which can be used to optimize sleeping patterns.
Esports Smartwatch Launched in the Philippines
A gamer can use the esports smartwatch from Garmin for a number of purposes.
Image Via Garmin
One of the unique features of the watch is the livestreaming tool known as STR3AMUP!. It allows a streamer to show his real-time heart rate, stress level, and body battery on the livestream interface and hence allows the streamer to engage with his audience in a better way. STR3AMUP! can also be used during tournament games where the spectators can get to know the players’ emotional and physical state in realtime during the game.

Apart from these distinctive gaming additions, the esports smartwatch also has a multi-sports mode and other health-tracking features.

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Recently Garmin Philippines announced a partnership with esports talent agency - Tier One Entertainment and as part of this collaboration, talents signed by Tier One will be wearing ‘Instinct - Esports Edition’ while streaming Valorant.

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