SouL Sign Zeref as its First PC Content Creator

Shounak Sengupta
Published On: 11 Aug 2020, 05:32 PM

Indian PUBG Mobile organization, SouL have expanded to newer platforms and titles and announced the addition of Zeref to the organization. Devdeep aka Zeref is a YouTuber who also began streaming with titles like PUBG Mobile, but has recently made the switch to PC titles such as VALORANT. 

Zeref is the first PC content creator for SouL or in fact, the first non-competitive member as every other member is part of the competitive PUBG Mobile roster. The addition of Zeref comes at an interesting time in the Indian gaming community as mobile first organizations such as SouL are looking for the next natural progression as a brand and an organization. With VALORANT picking up in India and showing better numbers than most PC titles, the hopes of the PC gaming community have been renewed. With Riot also having shown commitment to the region, it only makes sense for both organizations and streamers to invest in VALORANT as the future does seem bright. However Zeref is likely to try out other PC titles as well, as do most PC streamers. 

SouL to Announce 6 Man Lineup 

SouL’s PUBG Mobile lineup is also expected to announce a new member, making it a 6 man lineup. The organization had a rough going at the PUBG Mobile Pro League Season 1, South Asia division, where they failed to make it to the World League. Since then the organization has gone on a break to reassess their plans and announced the signing of a new member, Blaezi. SouL’s current roster comprises of:

Naman ‘MortaL’ Mathur

Yash ‘VipeR’ Soni

Parv ‘Regaltos’ Singh

Dhruv Sangwan

Varad ‘Blaezi’ Kadtan 

The opportunity with SouL can be massive for both Zeref and the PC gaming community. Historically speaking, members of SouL have managed to accrue huge followings on the back of their association with the organization. Owner, MortaL is one of gaming's largest content creators and was recently nominated for the Streamer of the Year category in the Esports Awards. Other members such as Regaltos and Viper have also managed to cross a million subscribers on their respective YouTube channels and continue growing. The association with SouL is bound to help Zeref grow his numbers, thanks to the organization's massive fan base. It will also help introduce a core mobile gaming audience with new PC titles, which can only be good for the scene. 

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