"SO MANY CHEATERS." - Dev1ce Complains About Two Problems with VALORANT

"SO MANY CHEATERS." - Dev1ce Complains About Two Problems with VALORANT

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Dev1ce complains about two problems with VALORANT.

  • Dev1ce has a problem with the large number of cheaters plaguing the game and a stack of five players coming together to play rank as a team.

  • The player will be streaming VALORANT on his Twitch channel on 4th May.

Astralis’ primary AWPer Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz who is currently competing in ESL One: Road to Rio - Europe has a few complaints with VALORANT, mainly with the number of cheaters in the game and five-man teams playing ranked.

According to a Tweet by the star-player, he admits to having been called a cheater quite often as he continually finds a lot of cheaters while playing VALORANT, who apparently openly admit to the wrongdoing as well.

Apart from this, he is also quite upset about players coming together to play ranked matches as a team of five. Taking an example out of their own book dev1ce complains by saying that “They learned the lesson with LoL (League of Legends), (it) shouldn't be possible to five-man stack, as it creates uneven games. Do a team queue if so.”

This brings to light some negative aspects of the tactical shooter, especially the part related to the increased number of cheaters in VALORANT. This is shocking as the developer hold the game’s anti-cheat system in high regard, flaunting it as one of the key elements of the game that increases its competitive integrity and make the whole gameplay experience more enjoyable.

The Dane seems to be indulging a bit of his time playing VALORANT, announcing that he would be streaming the game on 4th May with League of Legends player Andrei "Xerxe" Dragomir and three more players, as they take on G2 Esports on his Twitch channel.

But this has not diminished his love for CS:GO as he was quick to defend the gaming title indirectly, deflecting the accusation pointed towards Counter-Strike while also giving a fitting reply to the accuser.

Astralis who are currently competing at Road to Rio - Europe is going strong, having won four out of their five matches to lead their group for the time being. Let’s see if VALORANT decides to tackle the problems pointed out by the CS pro.

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