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VCT Stage 3 Challengers: Everything You Need to Know

Abhimannu Das
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VCT Stage 3 2021 Challengers events are set to kick off later this month.
16 teams will be making it to the Masters event at Berlin via the regional Challengers tournaments.
VCT Stage 3 Masters Berlin will take place from 9 September to 19 September.

The Valorant Champions Tour has officially entered stage three and teams across the world are gearing up to become a part of the Valorant Champions main event. Regional qualifiers will decide which teams make it to the final Challengers event at Berlin in August 2021. There will be a total of sixteen teams that make it to the VCT Stage 3 Challengers event via the regional qualifiers with Europe and North America taking up the most slots. Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming event and how the first-ever Valorant Champions Tour works.

Valorant Champions Tour overview

The first official season of the Valorant Championship Tour will feature three tiers (Challengers, Masters and Champions), with the Challengers level being the first-step to the world finals. Teams from Asia, Africa, Australia, North America, South America and Europe will compete in their own regions and move on to the international Masters tournaments.

Valorant Champions Tour format

Teams that earn the most points in the Masters event will get the opportunity to compete at the Champions event. The final stage will have 16 teams competing for the championship title which includes not only teams from the VCT Stage 3 Masters event but also qualifying teams from previous Masters events..

All the qualifying teams from all three Masters events will go head-to-head against each other at VCT Champions. The winners at the event will be crowned the first-ever global Valorant Champions.

VCT Stage 3 2021 Challengers: Qualification

16 teams will qualify via the VCT Stage 3 Challengers events for the VCT Masters Berlin. The Stage 3 Masters event is set to be bigger than the 10-team event in Iceland where Sentinels took home the victory. VCT Masters Berlin will take place from 9 September to 19 September and no teams have qualified yet. Here are the number of slots that have been assigned by Riot Games for each region:

  • North America – 3

  • Europe – 4

  • Korea – 2

  • Brazil – 2

  • CIS – 1

  • Turkey – 1

  • Japan – 2

  • SEA – 2

  • LATAM – 1

VCT Stage 3 2021 Challengers: Schedule

  • North America – 8 July to 15 August

  • Europe – 8 July to 22 August

  • Korea – 8 July to 15 August

  • Brazil – 3 July to 22 August

  • CIS – 6 July to 31 July

  • Turkey – 6 July to 31 July

  • Japan – 10 July to 15 August

  • SEA – 8 July to 22 August

  • LATAM – Starts 6 July (LATAM Challengers event dates TBD)

VCT Stage 3 2021 Challengers: Where to watch

Fans can catch up on all of the action at: https://www.twitch.tv/valorant

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