Here is how to get the Wrathful Heart title in Diablo 4 and equip it in game.


How to Get Wrathful Heart Title in Diablo 4

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Titles are a great way to add a bit more personality to your character in Diablo 4.
You can unlock a number of different suffixes and prefixes which you can equip using your profile.
Here is how to get the Wrathful Heart title in Diablo 4 and equip it in game.

Players can equip titles like the Wrathful Heart title in Diablo 4 which appear below their name, making for a fun way to customize your character a little more. However, before you can equip titles, you need to unlock them. Thankfully, unlocking many of these titles isn’t that hard. Let us look at how to get the Wrathful Heart title in Diablo 4 and equip titles in the game. 

How to get the Wrathful Heart title in Diablo 4 Season 1

Diablo 4 Season 1 introduced the new Malignance mechanic in the Season of the Malignant. You’ll need to complete your Paragon Journey in the Season of the Malignant, which brings you to the final Season Journey Challenges. Unlocking the Wrathful Heart title is an impressive achievement in Diablo 4 since you need to get through all major season chapters. You can get the Wrathful Heart title in Diablo 4 Season 1 by completing all Season Journey challenges. Each chapter requires that you complete its previous one, so you’ll need to do some serious grinding to get through to the chapter titled “Destroyer” in the Season Journey Chapters.

To access the Season Journey challenges, you will need to open the Season Menu (Found above Season Blessings). Season Journey became available during the start of the Season of the Malignant and to participate in the season, you will need to make a new character.

Here is a list of the Season Journey Chapter 7 objectives below:

  • Mephisto's Bane - Purify 10,000 Seeds of Hatred in hostile areas.

  • Heads of the Snake - Kill 5 Helltide Commanders during Helltide.

  • The Spoils of Hell - Open 3 Tortured Gifts of Mysteries during Helltide.

  • Shattered Fiends - Kill all World Bosses 5 times each in World Tier IV.

  • Blessed Mother Departed - Kill the Echo of Lilith in the Archives of Issalia in World Tier IV.

  • Wrath's Dying Breath - Defeat the Tormented Echo of Varshan after completing the seasonal storyline.

  • Anointed Immortal - Reach Level 100.

  • Lord of Nightmares - Complete a Tier 43 Nightmare Dungeon.

You will need to complete six of the eight objectives to earn the seventh Journey Cache and the Wrathful Heart title. Once you obtain your title, you can equip it using your inventory. Navigate to your profile settings to change your title and select your emblem and title. Selecting the option to “Edit” will let you pick your title prefix and suffix from the list of unlocked titles.

Once you get Wrathful Heart Title in Diablo 4 you can equip it using profile settings.

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