Players may encounter Apex Legends Error Code 23 when booting the game through the Origin client.


How to Fix Apex Legends Error Code 23

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Players who use the Origin client may encounter Apex error code 23.
Here are some possible solutions to the error.

Apex Legends players may sometimes face the Apex error code 23 when trying to play the game using Electronic Arts’ Origin client. The error code appears with the text ‘Game client encountered application error. (Error Code 23)’ There are several possible solutions for this error code. A general troubleshooting solution you can run when encountering this and other errors in Apex Legends is to restart both the game and your PC or laptop. You can also check if there are any outages on the servers by clicking here and check your connection. If neither of these work to solve Apex error code 23, here is what you can do.

Solutions for Apex error code 23

First, you need to make sure your EA account and Origin profile match, including the settings for language, country, and region. Navigate to your Origin profile and scroll down. Make sure the language selected is the same for your EA account as well. If this doesn’t work you can try updating your graphics drivers to fix the error code. Here are the steps to update your GPU drivers:

Step 1: Navigate to your graphic drivers by opening the device manager.

Step 2: Open the display adapters dropdown and click ‘update driver’ to check for the latest version.

Make sure your display drivers are updated to fix Apex error code 23.


Step 3: Select the ‘search automatically’ option and if necessary download the update and install it.

Players can also download the latest driver update directly from the AMD, Nvidia or Intel website depending on your graphic card manufacturer.

If this doesn’t work, you’ll need to uninstall and reinstall Apex Legends. Do this by following these steps:

  • Press the Windows key + R

  • Type appwiz.cpl

  • Hit Enter

  • Uninstall this version

  • Reinstall Apex Legends.

If none of these solutions work and you need help troubleshooting visit the Electronic Arts Answers HQ forums.

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