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How Many Episodes of Arcane Will There Be?

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Riot Games' first-ever animated series 'Arcane' is now available for streaming but only three episodes have released so far.
There will be a total of nine episodes in Arcane that will release by the end of November.
The show has been divided into Acts 1,2 and 3 which have three episodes each.

Riot Games’ first-ever animated series Arcane is now available for streaming but there is a lot of confusion over the show’s release schedule and the number of episodes. Fans are wondering how many episodes of Arcane will there be as Riot Games dropped just three episodes and closed off Act 1. You will not have to wait an entire year because Act 2 is coming out on 13th November and Act 3 is releasing on 20th November.

Riot Games has not revealed any plans of extending Arcane beyond the first three Acts and it is likely that we will see Silco’s arc come to an end by the end of the season. While initially teased as the origin story for Vi and Jinx, Arcane’s storyline ends up focusing on the evolution of Piltover and Zaun and weaves in the origin stories of other League of Legends champions as well.

How many episodes of Arcane will there be?

For the first season, there will be three acts with three episodes each which means that there will be total of nine episodes in Arcane. Riot Games has staggered the release of the episodes by breaking them down into three Acts, all of which will be available by the end of this month.

It is currently unknown if additional seasons of Arcane will be made by Riot Games or if the story will come to a close with the finale in Act 3.

How many episodes of Arcane will there be in Act 2?

There will be three episodes in Arcane Act 2 which will release on 13th November 2021.

How many episodes of Arcane will there be in Act 3?

Arcane Act 3 will have three episodes that will start airing on 20th November 2021.

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