League of Legends has changed over the years, so has its file size.


How Big Is The League Of Legends File Size?

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League of Legends is a relatively small game compared to other online multiplayer games.
Despite the many additions to the game over the years, the file size has remained relatively small.

League of Legends has gone through several changes since its initial release in October 2009. The MOBA, developed and published by Riot Games was inspired by a mod from Warcraft III, has since developed its own visual identity and mechanics. New champions, itemization options and environment changes over the years have kept the game fresh, as it still pulls in millions of players each day. Compared to the number of additions the game has experienced over the years, the game size remains relatively small. While the file size changes with every new update, adding a few additional MB to the total, the game is still smaller than many other multiplayer PC titles.

What is the file size of League of Legends?

As of patch 11.21, League of Legends’ total file size is 14.2 GB on disk. However, Riot Games has recommended a minimum of 16 GB space available on your system’s hard drive. Expect this size to go up a few MB with every new patch. League of Legends has gotten relatively bigger over the years with the minimum requirement being just 8 GB when it first came out in 2009.

What are the minimum requirements for playing League of Legends on PC and MAC?

Riot Games has detailed the minimum system requirements for running League of Legends on PCs and Macs as follows:


CPU: Intel: Core i3-530

AMD: A6-3650


GPU: NVidia: GeForce 9600GT

AMD: HD 6570

Intel: Intel HD 4600 Integrated Graphics

(DirectX 10)



Free Storage Space: 16GB HDD

OS: Windows 7


CPU: Intel: Core i5-750


GPU: AMD: HD 6570

Intel: Intel HD 4600 Integrated Graphics



Free Storage Space: 12 GB HDD

OS: MacOS 10.12

Note that as of now Riot Games only supports x86 Macs. Players can also download the minimum configuration settings file here. This file will take your game settings down to the bare minimum configuration. This is helpful when your current game settings are too high for your computer to currently load into a game.

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