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Does Apex Legends Have Proximity Chat?

Abhimannu Das
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Proximity Chat is not available in Apex Legends and Respawn Entertainment has no plans of adding it to the game.
The game relies on a ping system and in-game voice and text chats for communication.
Proximity Chat could be potentially abused for securing the 20 Kill and 4,000 damage badges unfairly.

Apex Legends has been out for three years and proximity chat is one of the features that has never been included. Respawn Entertainment revolutionized gaming with its unique ping system that has been copied by dozens of games since Apex’s release. Respawn’s parent company EA secured a patent for the ping system last year and it is now available as an open-source feature for other games to implement if they wish to.

What is Proximity Chat?

Proximity Chat in Apex Legends would allow players to talk to nearby players via voice or text chat. It is a feature that exists in other titles, most notably in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). It is not something that helps you communicate with your teammates. Instead, you can use it to talk to enemies.

The feature is extremely useful in MMORPGs and games that require cooperation. But in a battle royale, it does not serve any real purpose unless you want to trash talk other players or just want to talk to your enemies and mess around with them. It can lead to both toxic and fun moments but it feels like an unnecessary feature in a battle royale title.

Will Apex Legends get Proximity Chat?

Respawn Entertainment has not revealed if it will bring proximity chat to Apex Legends. It has been three years since the game’s release and the developers have never addressed the topic. In terms of team communications, the game’s systems feel adequate, especially with the highly praised ping system.

Considering how coveted the 4000 Damage and 20 Kill badges are, having a proximity chat system could potentially allow players on opposing sides to cheese their way through to the badges. It would be highly unfair to players who legitimately earn the badges.

Not having proximity chat in Apex Legends allows the game to reduce teaming issues where multiple teams play together against everyone else in the lobby to earn ranked points. While proximity chat in Apex Legends would be a lot of fun, there are downsides to having it and Respawn has shown no signs or any inclination in bringing the feature to the game.

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