Best Valorant Agents to Play on Patch 7.08


Best Valorant Agents to Play on Patch 7.08

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Valorant is a tactical shooter game that is continuously growing in popularity.
The regular patch notes for Valorant help players gain more insight into what’s coming with the new update.
In this article, we’ll talk about the best agents in Valorant to play with in the latest patch update.

Valorant is one of the most popular first-person shooter games in the market right now. With its diverse cast of characters, the game poses a challenge when it comes to choosing the right agent for a match. And with regular game updates, the abilities of these agents are nerfed or buffed as the developers devise to do. But, with this, it is also important to know the right agents to pick with the latest updates. 

Recently, Riot Games released Valorant Patch Notes 7.08 and discussions around the best agents for this update have started taking place. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best agents to play on Patch 7.08 in Valorant. 

What Are the Major Changes in Valorant 7.08 Patch?

The recent Valorant update includes some important agent changes that one must be familiar with before making the right decision. The smoke abilities of Brimstone, Astra, and Omen have been revamped, adding both visual and audio cues a few seconds before their disappearance. 

This will help players decide their next move after the smoke disappears. Smokes are a pretty important part of the game, on both the defending and attacking sides. Therefore, this is a pretty big change that’s being praised by the community. 

The other big change that’s part of the patch notes is that your ability-equipping sounds will no longer be audible to your allies. This adds more clarity to the game, helping allies identify any nearby enemies before confusing them for an ally.

Best Valorant Agents to Play on Patch 7.08

The best agents that you can use in Valorant Patch 7.08 should definitely include the likes of smoke agents like Brimstone, Astra, and Omen due to their ability to retain smoke and even plan their next move by the time the smoke disappears. Using smoke is a pretty great strategy to prevent players from rushing to your site, whether you are attacking (post-plant) or defending (pre-plant). 

These agents also provide great leeway to rush in on the defender’s side if you are playing as attackers. With the right player who knows how to place these smokes in the right places, you can easily lead your team to the planting spot. If you are on the defending side, placing smokes at every entry point can prevent agents from rushing to the planting site. This will take a huge burden off your shoulders and avoid early devastation in the game. 

Apart from these agents that have been affected by the updates, there are others that you can try next time to exhibit your gameplay. They are as follows:

Fade - Initiator


This agent was introduced in the game fairly recently but has really been the underdog since its launch. Many overlook this agent, thinking of her as Reyna’s second copy or just don’t know how to use her effectively. But in the right hands, Fade can shine brightly and add a lot more nuance to the game.

Her Prowler is super useful in short angles and close corridors where enemies may camp the most, ready to kill you off with Judge or Shorty. Not only that, you can also use her Seize ability to gauge the position of your enemies. Combining these two with her ultimate, Nightfall, is going to be an utter nightmare for your opponents. Fade has everything that you need in an intense game of Valorant. 

Reyna - Duelist


Introduced with the release of the game, Reyna is one of the most popular agents in the game. Her dominating persona and supernatural visuals of her abilities give her a powerful reputation. Despite this, her abilities are fairly simple to use. But a lot of Reyna's gameplay does not depend on her abilities. It depends on the player and their gameplay. 

But this does not mean that you cannot use them abilities to the best of yours. Throw out her leer, blind your enemies, and get those shots shooting. And as soon as you get kills, utilize those soul orbs and frag at the top.

Cypher - Sentinel


Just like Fade, Cypher is another agent that is overlooked in the game. He is also the butt of a running inside joke about how his utilities are trashed out early in the game by enemies. Despite that, he has managed to make his name on this list. Cypher is a lurker, he is a spy and he is the moment. If players are able to place the camera and trap wires in the right places at the right time, they can tip the odds in their favor. 

Using trip wires in the mid, or at rotation paths can do one of these two things: Opponents may either be trapped in those trip wires, or they’ll break them, notifying you of the rotation. Either way, you can easily spy on the movement of your enemies. Spycam is another crucial utility that can help you if placed in the right places. 

Prevent rushes by prohibiting opponents from entering sites. Place a combination of tripwires and cyber cage, or either of them and watch your enemies trip. Or, shoot them away while they are busy disabling your utilities!

Therefore, right now, these agents are the most in demand if you are looking to play with patch notes 7.08. Practising on the Range can certainly have an embellishing effect on your game. So go out there and litter the Range with your bullet shells until your enemies call you. 

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