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Apex Legends Threat Level Event: Rewards, Skins, Schedule

Abhimannu Das
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Apex Legends’ latest event is Threat Level, featuring a community-voted playlist and limited-time cosmetics.
The event will last from 23rd May to 6th June during which you can earn free rewards.
There are also limited-time badges up for grabs which you can earn by playing Control during the event.

Threat Level is the newest event in Apex Legends Season 17: Arsenal. The event will run from 23rd May to 6th June and it will feature a limited-time mode voted for by the community. There are some free rewards up for grabs and you can also obtain some limited-time skins that will be available in the store. This is not a collection event so there are no Heirlooms or Mythic Skins up for grabs and the new cosmetics can be purchased via Apex Coins only.

Apex Legends Threat Level Store Rotation

Here are all of the cosmetic bundles that will be available as part of the new event. 

  • Phantom Phaser Bundle (Wraith): 2,950 Apex Coins 

  • Deep Space Scientist Bundle (Horizon): 2,950 Apex Coins

  • Eternal Reign Bundle (Ash): 2,950 Apex Coins

  • Golden Grenadier Bundle (Fuse): 2,950 Apex Coins

  • Noxious Nobleman Bundle (Caustic): 2,950 Apex Coins

  • Gilded Guardian Bundle (Newcastle): 1,000 Apex Coins 

  • Take Us to Your Kill Leader: 500 Apex Coins

  • The Ol’ One Two Punch (Holo Spray): 500 Apex Coins

All of the cosmetics will be available from 23rd May to 6th June and unlike some of the previous events we had, there will be new skins moving in or out of the store during the event. You can manually click on the bundles and purchase individual items like the legend or weapon skins. Unless you want specific skins, the bundles are more value for money as they have a 33% discount. 

Apex Legends Threat Level Reward Tracker

In addition to all of the paid skins, players can participate in the community-voted playlist to earn four new badges. There is also a rewards tracker with battle pass levels, Apex Packs, Crafting Materials and other cosmetics up for grabs. 

Players will be able to earn 1,600 points per day by completing daily quests and reaching a total of 5,000 points will unlock all rewards which include a Spitfire skin and a Crypto skin. These free badges and cosmetics are unlikely to make a return so this might be your only opportunity to grab them.

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