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XNova Talks About BOOM Esports’ Struggles and Return to SEA

Rakshak Kathuria
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Yap "xNova" Jian Wei was interviewed by Epulze following BOOM's first win in the DPC SEA 2023 Tour 1: Division I. xNova discussed the difficulties the team is facing.
According to xNova, there are problems with BOOM's overall gameplay, with decision making being a major concern. In terms of his personal gameplay, he stated that the laning is just fine, but the movements and team synergy are not appropriate.
BOOM has only won one of the five series thus far and is in danger of being relegated to Division 2.

BOOM Esports beat Fnatic 2-1 to register its first win of the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) Southeast Asia (SEA) 2023 Tour 1: Division I in a series with great elimination implications. Yap "xNova" Jian Wei, the position five player for BOOM, was interviewed by Epulze following the team's win where he discussed the difficulties the team is facing after winning just one series in five. According to xNova, there are issues with the overall gameplay of BOOM, with decision making being a key concern. He also discussed his return to SEA after years of playing in China and how it has been a challenging experience for him to make the switch so far.

XNova says BOOM Esports is currently unstable in the DPC SEA 2023 Tour 1: Division I

Although BOOM's players must have breathed a sigh of relief after beating Fnatic, four lost series in the past few days have left a lot to be desired. xNova mentioned that the synergy is still being created in the team as it is currently unstable in addition to describing his own gameplay as a reason why things are not falling into place.

“It’s overall gameplay for us. We are trying to get everyone on the same page and some decision making is not really good. That’s it…I think I could do better in laning. I think laning is fine but overall gameplay and the map movements are not that way.”

With the new roster that includes xNova, John "Natsumi-" Vargas, and Kenny "Xepher" Deo, BOOM is reversing its fortunes after being the best team in SEA last season. The team has fallen short against Talon Esports, Bleed Esports, Execration, and Geek Slate, putting it in a very dangerous position regarding Division 2 relegation.

Furthermore, xNova, who last played in SEA with WarriorsGaming.Unity in 2017 and has played for Chinese teams ever since, also talked about the challenge of returning to the region.

“Playing in SEA is kinda new to me. The last time I played it was so many years ago in Warriors Gaming and everyone is new to me so it’s a really good and new experience…The strategy and gameplay wise, for sure, there is difference and that is why we have been struggling this season. Because in China, we are basically all on the same page and we have the same ideas but for now, we are still working on it.”

With the pedigree that BOOM's players bring to the table, the team had one of the stronger lineups on paper during the shuffle season, but the first few series have shown that there is still a lot to be done. The revised format of the DPC 2023 has resulted in a much shorter time gap between series, which appears to be working against BOOM.

With only two series remaining, the team will be eager to win and maintain its position in Division I, after which it can devote some time to establish synergy and return better in the next season.

BOOM will play Team SMG on 23rd Jan 2023 as part of its next series of the season.

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