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TI11 Group Stage Day 3 Recap: EG Gains UB Slot while Boom Esports Edges Closer To Elimination

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Day three of the TI11 Group Stage has finally concluded after fierce battles from all twenty teams involved.
As both groups continued their respective matches, it was Evil Geniuses’ qualification for the Upper Bracket and a plethora of issues that were the biggest stories of the day.
BetBoom, Boom Esports, Talon Esports and TSM ended Day Three at the bottom of their respective groups.

The International 2022 (TI11)’s Group Stage continues to provide surprises, upsets and even controversial moments on Day Three. While the twenty teams managed to provide some entertaining matches during their matches, the biggest winners of Day Three were Evil Geniuses after managing to mathematically qualify for the Upper Bracket of the Main Event.

While EG ended up taking the spotlight for today, there were also a lot of matches and game highlights to watch from the third day of the group stage. With that in mind, here is a full recap of the events that went down on Day Three.

The International 2022 Group Stage: Day Two Recap

Group A

Evil Geniuses became the first team to secure a spot in the Upper Bracket

Since Evil Geniuses struggled to perform at LAN events despite having a strong regional showing during the DPC season, many people did not consider them as a serious contender for this year's International. However, Evil Geniuses became the first team to secure an Upper Bracket slot in Group A.

With a 12-2 win-loss record in Group A, Evil Geniuses had a remarkable run thanks to 2-0 victories over all of their opponents with the exception of Team Liquid, who managed to defeat them 0-2 in the group stage.

RNG suffering from COVID and losses

RNG will have a day to forget, despite dominating the first two days of the Group Stage. After having to forfeit its Game Two against fellow Chinese team in PSG.LGD due to Lu "Somnus" Yao testing positive for COVID-19, the team would ended up being humiliated in Day Three as it went on to lose two consecutive games 0-2 against Hokori and EG.

While RNG fans could sympathize with Somnus’s situation, both the team and the fans will have more to worry about as four out of five RNG players have tested positive for COVID-19, with Yap "xNova" Jian Wei being the exception.

BetBoom Team & Boom Esports at the bottom of Group A

Eastern Europe Regional Qualifier Champions BetBoom Team are in danger of being eliminated from TI11 after its lackluster results in Day Three. While the team lost 0-2 against Evil Geniuses, it did manage to salvage its day by drawing against OG and Soniqs. However, as it stands BetBoom Team are in danger of elimination with a 4-12 win loss record. The team is still able to fight for tiebreakers, however the team will face PSG.LGD tomorrow as its final opponents.

Joining BetBoom at the bottom of the group will be Boom Esports, as the SEA team were unable to win a single game today against Soniqs, PSG.LGD & Liquid. While many expected Boom Esports to become the main representatives of the SEA region coming into TI11, it seems like the fans will have to prepare for possible disappointment.

While the team is still capable of achieving tiebreakers along with BetBoom and Soniqs to avoid elimination, Boom Esports will be facing Evil Geniuses tomorrow in what could be their last match at TI11 if they could not defeat the NA giants.

Group B

Tundra Esports ends Day Three on top

One team that will be happy with its results today will be Tundra Esports, as the team will end Day Three of the TI11 Group Stage on top of its group. While the Western European team did draw against Thunder Awaken, it did manage to beat the defending champions Team Spirit in a 2-0 stomp.

While the team is most likely to advance to the Main Event, the team will have all to play for tomorrow as the team’s final standing will be determined by its matches against Fnatic & Entity.

Team Aster gets its first 0-2 defeat in the group stage

Team Aster will have a day to forget, as the team suffered a shocking loss to Fnatic after what seemed to be the series of the day in Group B. While the Chinese team had beaten Fnatic twice at the Arlington Major & ESL One Malaysia, the Southeast Asian (SEA) team were looking for revenge.

Both games ended up being entertaining for the viewers, as Game Two saw Fnatic committing to its backdoor strategy, where Anucha “Jabz” Jirawong's Enigma had a 1 vs 1 battle against Yu “皮球” Yajun’s Silencer in Aster’s base while Marc “Raven” Fausto’s Terrorblade provided the killing blow onto Aster’s Ancient.

TSM & Talon Esports in danger of elimination

Talon Esports’s struggles continued on Day Three as the SEA team loss against beastcoast put them in a dangerous zone as it almost became the first team to be eliminated from Group B of the TI11 Group Stage. However, thanks to a 2-0 victory against fellow SEA brethren Fnatic, Talon Esports will have a final chance to try and get off the bottom two.

However, the same cannot be said for TSM as the team drew against Entity. While the team managed to claim victory in Game One, Entity responded with its infamous Lone Druid-Arc Warden combo to even the series. In addition, the North American team lost 0-2 to beastcoast which caused them to drop into the bottom two of Group B alongside Talon.

Day Three of the Group Stage has provided a lot of upsets, as well as drama & exceptional plays. We will continue to have more TI11 action tomorrow, as Day Four of the Group Stage will begin as early as 10:00 AM SGT. The final matches of the Group Stage will determine the 4 teams that will be eliminated tomorrow as well as the final standings of both groups.

You can check out the schedule and results of all The International 2022 games with AFK Gaming's event tracker below.

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