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TI10 True Sight Chat Wheels Released for Battlepass Owners

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Yesterday, Valve released its newest Patch 7.32c to help balance the game for the upcoming The International 2022 (TI11) Last Chance Qualifiers
Valve also released the chat wheel lines from the recently released True Sight 2021, which featured Team Spirit & PSG.LGD in The International 2021 (TI10) Grand Finals.
Here are the translations and stories behind each chat wheel line.

Last week, Valve released its long awaited True Sight 2021 documentary where it covered the Grand Finals of The International 2021 (TI10) match between Team Spirit and PSG.LGD. However, the documentary’s chat wheel lines were not published with the documentary until yesterday. The TI10 True Sight Chat Wheels were released yesterday alongside the game’s newest patch, Patch 7.32c.

Following the release of the chat wheel lines, here are the translations and meanings behind each of the chat wheel lines from both Team Spirit and PSG.LGD.

TI10 True Sight Chat Wheel Lines now available in-game

As first reported by Escorenews.com, the annual chat wheel lines from Valve’s documentary True Sight was released yesterday alongside the new Patch 7.32c for Dota 2. The chat wheel lines were taken from players of both Team Spirit and PSG.LGD’s interaction on the documentary itself. Here are the meanings behind each voice line.

Team Spirit

  • “Самая тупая смерть в жизни просто” - “This would be the dumbest death possible, hands down”

This specific line refers to Team Spirit’s joke before Game One of the Grand Finals, where Miroslaw "Mira" Kolpakov was almost hit by a camera arm before entering the booth.

  • “А чё, мы выиграли, что ли?” — “What, did we really win?”

The chat wheel line came from Mira, as he jokingly asked if his team really won Game One of the TI10 Grand Finals.

  • “Заходит улитка в бар!” — “The snail walks into a bar!”

This line came from Magomed "Collapse" Khalilov, as he announced his return to the grand stage entrance to his teammates with a classic setup for a joke. Interestingly, Mira replied to Collapse’s joke in the documentary by saying that “Can we pick Wisp/Io for a third time in a row?”

  • “Капец вы крейзи, парни. Ну ладно“__”You are damn crazy, guys. Whatever”

Again, the line originated from Mira in Game Five of the Grand Finals. However, during this line Mira was commenting on his team’s drafting decision to allow PSG.LGD play their Tiny-Lycan duo in its final match of the Grand Finals.

  • ”Добрый вечер, я Интернешнел выиграл” — “Good evening, I won The International”

The line can be found after Team Spirit’s victory in Game Five after defeating PSG.LGD to win TI10. Collapse, the MVP of the tournament called his family in Russia to let them know that he won TI10.

  • “Блин, ты очень умно придумал” — “Damn, such a smart idea”

The line came from the team’s coach, Airat "Silent" Gaziev after Mira suggested his coach pick Undying and Rubick in Game Four. However, Silent said the line sarcastically as PSG.LGD had to pick the draft in Game Three, which the Chinese team won.


  • “每一把都当最后一把,然后也不要怕输” — “Treat every game like this is your last one, don't be afraid of losing”

The line came from team coach Zhang "xiao8" Ning before Game Four of the Grand Finals, as he wanted his team to make every game count. Additionally, PSG.LGD were looking to reverse sweep Team Spirit after winning Game Three.

  • “没有打次瞉了吗?哦冷却” — “No more tips? Oh, it's on cooldown”

The line came from Zhang "Faith_bian" Ruida, during Game One. Team Spirit had to pause at the beginning of the game due to technical difficulties. To kill time, Faith_bian decided to spam Team Spirit chat wheel lines to entertain himself. Team Spirit responded by jokingly tipping him for his antics.

  • "Moo-lah!"

Basically, Faith_bian's response after being tipped by all of Team Spirit's player after spamming Team Spirit lines in Game One.

  • “3, 2, 1…加油” — “3, 2, 1... Let's go!”

The line can be found before the start of Game Four, before xiao8 ended his speech to the team by grouping up and yelling “Jia you”, which is PSG.LGD’s team cheer.

  • “可以啊” — “This is doable”

The line came from Wang "Ame" Chunyu during the drafting phase, as he replied to his coach’s suggestion of carry heroes that could be sustainable against Team Spirit’s draft.

[transcriptions via Escorenews.com]

Team Spirit will be looking to defend its title in Singapore this year, as the group stage of TI11 will only begin after the conclusion of the TI11 Last Chance Qualifiers, which begins on 8th October.

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