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Thunder Awaken’s Matthew Played Through Medical Issues During Day 2 of TI11 Group Stage

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Thunder Awaken’s team manager ~EdsonVera revealed that captain Farith “Matthew” Puente played Day Two’s matches despite medical issues.
He also noted that he spent the morning without rest before playing against Entity at 10:00 A.M.

Thunder Awaken’s Farith “Matthew” Puente played through his medical issues on Day Two of The International 2022 (TI11) Group Stage. While the cause of the medical issue is unknown, Thunder Awaken’s team manager Edson Vera “~EdsonVera.” Bazán revealed that Matthew spent the whole night at a hospital in Singapore without rest before leaving the hospital at 8:30 A.M.

While the player was not at his best, Matthew played through the pain as he managed to join the team for its first match of the day against Entity, along with the team’s remaining matches on Day Two.

Matthew fighting through the pain for his team

While the South American team had a decent second day of the TI11 Group Stage after having won against Southeast Asian (SEA) Talon Esports and drawing against defending champions Team Spirit, the team’s first series of Day Two was a total disaster as the team lost against Entity.

While many within the community expected a draw between the two, the result would be forgivable for Thunder Awaken fans as it was revealed earlier today that Farith “Matthew” Puente was not at 100% condition when he played the match against Entity according to team manager Edson Vera “~EdsonVera.” Bazán on Twitter.

The team manager for Thunder Awaken said that the captain spent the majority of the night at a hospital in Singapore as he had an unknown medical issue. He also noted that Matthew left the hospital with his team manager at around 8:30 a.m in the morning, an hour and a half before their series against Entity.

Despite spending the whole night without rest, Matthew fought through the pain as he managed to rejoin with his team in time for its match against Entity at 10:00 a.m before playing again twice in Day Two against Team Spirit and Talon Esports despite not being at 100% condition.

“He played without being 100% fit and without sleep and still finished all the series. I didn't want to leave the team alone, what a claw!” said team manager ~EdsonVera on Twitter.

[translation via DeepL Translate]

Following a good night’s rest, it is safe to say that Matthew has at least somewhat recovered as he and his team faced off against Tundra Esports and Team Aster for an Upper Bracket spot in Group B.

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