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Team SMG Dominates in its BTS Pro Series S12 Opener

Ammar Aryani
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BTS Pro Series S12 went into its eighth day of the Group Stages with Team SMG facing off against Lilgun in its opening match.
The series ended with Team SMG being victorious, securing a 2-0 win against Lilgun.

Beyond The Summit (BTS) continues to provide a lot of entertaining Dota 2 matches before the upcoming The International 2022 (TI11) Last Chance Qualifiers, as the BTS Pro Series Season 12 goes into its eighth day of the group stages. Team SMG finally made its debut in the BTS Pro Series S12 against Lilgun, after being unable to qualify for TI11’s SEA Regional Qualifiers.

However, Team SMG were looking strong despite having a stand-in as it went on to secure a dominating 2-0 victory against Lilgun.

SMG vs Lilgun: Match recap

While SMG has been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons, the quality of its roster made the team a clear favorite over Lilgun. Furthermore, RSG’s Wong ``mks' ' Sim An would be standing in for Daryl ``iceiceice" Koh as the veteran offlaner decided to take a break from today’s matches.

Game One

In Game One, SMG opted to switch its lanes as Yeik "MidOne" Nai Zheng moved into the offlane position as Marci, while mks was given Slark to play in the carry position.

While Lilgun had the better early game, Team SMG overall outplayed the players of Lilgun as MidOne’s Marci and mks’s Slark went on a killing spree. The game ended after 38 minutes as Team SMG secured Game One.

Game Two

In Game Two, Lilgun were looking to fight back as it went for a more aggressive lineup, with Outworld Devourer, Lina and Ursa in the core lineup. Meanwhile, SMG opted to draft a more stable lineup, picking up Enigma, Morphling and Pangolier.

Lilgun’s aggressive draft ended up backfiring as Team SMG executed its draft better. The game was a stomp as SMG went on to secure Game Two after 18 minutes. Kam ``Moon" Boon Seng’s Pangolier was flawless in the midlane, as the Diffusal Blade and Blink Dagger build on the Pangolier earned him a godlike spree and a KDA of 11/1/11 at the end of Game 2.

Following the victory, Team SMG will take a short break before facing off against Neon Esports later tonight while Lilgun will play against Army Geniuses in a couple of days.

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