Team Aster's Monet at ESL One Malaysia 2022


Team Aster’s Monet Changes In-Game Name to Money

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Despite his amazing performance at ESL One Malaysia 2022, Du "Monet" Peng and Team Aster were defeated in a 3-0 wipeout by eventual winners, OG.
Following the defeat, Monet changed his in-game name to “Money”.
The in-game name change happened after OG decided to repay its debt to Team Aster after they were defeated by them at the PGL Arlington Major.

While OG were the crowned champions of the ESL One Malaysia 2022, Team Aster were very close toward securing its first tournament trophy before being defeated 3-0 by the eventual winners. Following the win, OG’s Twitter account celebrated the stomp by saying “Monet = Money?”. Team Aster’s Du "Monet" Peng decided to take in the humility by changing his in-game nickname to Money. The nickname changes were a reference to OG’s and Team Aster’s banter, after Team Aster’s Yu "pí qiú" Yajun previously typed in all chat “ATF=ATM?” at the PGL Arlington Major, where OG were knocked out of the tournament by Team Aster.

Monet Approves The Meme as He Changes Nickname to “Money”

Despite an outstanding performance from Du "Monet" Peng, who manages to secure a rampage in Game Two of the Grand Finals between Team Aster and OG, his heroics proved to be for naught as he and his team, Team Aster got stomped 3-0 in the Grand Finals. However, following the win OG decided to celebrate its 3-0 victory in the grand finals by posting on Twitter with the caption “Monet = Money?”.

For those who were not aware of the meaning behind the caption, OG were knocked out by Team Aster earlier this month at the PGL Arlington Major. However, before the end of Game Three of their match at the Major, Team Aster’s Yu "pí qiú" Yajun typed in all chat “ATF=ATM?”. The caption turned out to be karma repaid in full as Monet became a target for OG’s meme following the team’s defeat to OG.

Following the conclusion of the tournament, the community pointed out on Reddit that Monet has actually changed his in-game nickname to Money on his Steam profile, which perhaps indicates that Monet was not bothered by the caption at all and found the caption actually funny.

ESL has provided the community with some of the best contents throughout the whole tournament, ranging from Entity’s and TSM’s faceoff to Ammar “ATF” Al-Assaf’s rating of offlaners attending the tournament.

As for Team Aster, it is expected that the team will, like most other teams that have qualified for The International 2022(TI11) , take a short break following the conclusion of the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) 2021-2022 season before beginning their bootcamp.

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