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Sneyking Aspires to Win TI Three Consecutive Times to Overcome OG’s Record

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Tundra Esports captain Wu "Sneyking" Jingjun revealed in a recent post-match winner's interview that he hopes to break OG's record of two straight TI wins by winning three in a row.
According to him, winning TI11 has brought him joy, but he wants to achieve more.
Sneyking also mentioned the changes that other Tundra members have experienced following the team's TI11 victory.

Even though Tundra Esports had entered The International 11 (TI11) as one of the better teams, expectations of the team winning the entire event were not as high as those of some of the other teams with more popular names. Nevertheless, the Western European team went on to win Dota 2's most prominent event in 2022 after delivering a superb performance throughout. According to team captain Wu "Sneyking" Jingjun, he is not done with winning TI yet, as he revealed during a recent post-match winner’s interview. OG has two consecutive wins in TIs, and Sneyking wants to break that record by winning three in a row. As he spoke, the position five player also described the changes his team members have had after Tundra's win last year.

Sneyking hopes to win three TIs in a row to break OG’s two-in-a-row record

Before heading to Lima, Peru for the first Major of the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) 2023, Tundra Esports is currently competing in the BetBoom Universe: Episode I - Comics Zone.

Following the team's first series win in the playoffs against HellRaisers, Sneyking arrived for the post-match winners interview.

Sneyking was questioned about his sentiments following the historic triumph at TI11, and the player was quite clear that it was transitory bliss, and he had immediately felt that the journey lay ahead of him. Inspired by Nigma Galaxy's Kuro "KuroKy" Takhasomi's aim of winning three TIs, Sneyking aspires to do the same but consecutively.

“It felt good for two seconds after lifting the Aegis and then I was like - I wanna win the next one. The Kuro (KuroKy) mentality, you know. You gotta get the next one and I want to beat the record. Obviously, I am getting ahead of myself, instead of once, I want to win three consecutive times to overcome OG’s titles and I think that would mean the world to me if I were ever to make that record a reality.”

In terms of his teammates, he acknowledged that the victory had varying effects on them. While sentiments about the game have not changed much, the squad is currently not in the best of form and is striving to improve, according to Sneyking.

“I think there are definitely changes but I don’t think people’s attitudes or egos changed towards the game. But after such a big win, it hits everyone differently. Some people might be eager to win another one. Some people have already achieved the pinnacle, they might get less motivated. It is just different for everyone.

I think, for us as a team, we definitely have some challenges after winning TI. I think we are definitely not in the right shape or form in terms of our teamplay and individual performance. We aspire to get better.”

With the Lima Major 2023 fast approaching, Sneyking went on to name some of the best teams. For North America, he felt Shopify Rebellion would perform better in a LAN environment than TSM, despite the latter recently winning Division I.

The Lima Major takes place from 22nd Feb to 5th March 2023.

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