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SabeRLight- Gives His Predictions for TI11 Last Chance Qualifiers

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With 18 teams now confirmed for The International 2022 (TI11), another twelve teams will fight for the remaining two slots for TI11 in the Last Chance Qualifiers.
TSM offlaner Jonáš "SabeRLight-" Volek shared his top two choices from the LCQs to secure a direct invite to TI11’s Group Stage.
He noted that T1 & Xtreme Gaming are his favorites, but four other teams might be able to contest them for the direct invite.

Following the conclusion of The International 2022 (TI11) Regional Qualifiers, the community saw another six teams qualify to TI11’s group stage. However, twelve teams from six regions will play in the newly announced Last Chance Qualifiers for the remaining two spots. In a recent livestream, TSM offlaner Jonáš "SabeRLight-" Volek gave his insights on which teams will most likely earn the direct invite from the Last Chance Qualifiers.

While SabeRLight- noted that T1 and Xtreme Gaming are the most likely of options, he also said four other teams could contest both of the mentioned teams for the direct invite.

SabeRLight- predicts T1 and Xtreme Gaming to earn the remaining two slots at TI11.

During a recent livestream after the conclusion of TI11 Regional Qualifiers, SabeRLight- was browsing about the Last Chance Qualifiers on Liquipedia. After seeing the twelve qualified teams, the TSM offlaner gave his predictions on which two teams will advance to the TI11 Group Stage from the Last Chance Qualifiers.

“I personally think that it is going to be T1 and Xtreme Gaming [that would grab the remaining two slots]. Actually, I don’t know about Xtreme. I mean, Chinese teams always look good on paper but they always kinda choke [their games].” said SabeRLight-.

Despite being fairly confident that T1 will have a higher chance of obtaining one of the invites, SabeRLight- was unsure on his second team as he feels that neither North American or Southern American teams in the Last Chance Qualifiers are strong enough to compete with the other regional teams. He also said that both Outsiders and NaVi might not obtain the direct invite, but are heavy contenders for it.

“I don't think that it’s gonna be Outsiders [that obtains the direct invite]. I don’t think it's going to be NaVi either. I think T1 has a higher chance of obtaining one of the two invites.” he said.

When talking about Western Europe (WEU) teams, SabeRLight- noted that Team Liquid might be able to obtain the direct invitation however its inconsistency in LAN tournaments has him worried. He was also unsure about Team Secret’s chances either, after seeing the team being defeated 3-0 in Grand Finals of the WEU Qualifiers against Entity.

“I think Liquid is……I don’t know, I’m actually worried about Team Liquid. They play well during online tournaments but when it comes to LAN tournaments, they play decently but they tend to choke a bit. Secret, I don’t know dude.”

He ended the topic by saying the two slots for TI11 will be contested by six teams, as he predicted that T1 will be the most likely option to advance, alongside Xtreme Gaming. However, he also said that Liquid, Secret, Outsiders and NaVi could potentially cause an upset and obtain the invites for themselves.

“If I can give my top six predictions, it would be T1, Xtreme Gaming, Liquid, Secret, Outsiders and NaVi in no particular order. I don’t think either NaVi or Outsiders would make the cut together. So yeah, either two of these six teams will have a decent chance of winning the Last Chance Qualifiers.”

The Last Chance Qualifiers will begin in two weeks time, with second and third place teams from each regional qualifiers will compete against each other for the remaining two spots at TI11. The Last Chance Qualifier begins on 8th Oct to 12th Oct.

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