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Qojqva Explains the Difference Between a Pro Player and a Livestreamer

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On OG’s Monkey Business podcast, Qojqva explains his life as a streamer after The International 2021 (TI10).
Qojqva transitioned from Team Liquid’s mid laner to content creation following the conclusion of TI10
Qojqva also gave his opinions regarding the differences between streaming and professionally playing Dota 2. He also spoke about Liquid’s chances of making it to The International 2022 (TI11)

Following TI10’s conclusion, Team Liquid made changes to its roster as mid laner Max "qojqva" Bröcker made the transition from actively playing to becoming a livestreamer for Liquid full-time. Qojqva recently appeared on OG’s podcast, Monkey Business, where he explains his transition as well as his thoughts on life as a streamer and a player. Qojqva also noted his opinion on Topias "Topson" Taavitsainen and Anathan "ana" Pham’s move to T1 on the podcast with OG CEO JMR Luna.

Qojqva also discussed Team Liquid’s chances of making it to TI11 as this year’s regional qualifier is stacked with strong oppositions.

Former Pro Qojqva Explains Life After TI10 as a Livestreamer

After the conclusion of TI10, Qojqva transitioned from becoming Liquid’s active mid laner to becoming a full-time livestreamer for the organization. The German player went on to become one of the more popular streamers on Twitch’s Dota 2 category following his transition.

He recently appeared as a guest on OG’s podcast, Monkey Business along with OG CEO JMR Luna for its newest episode as he explains his life as a streamer and a player, as well as being involved in a streamer’s beef with KheZu for the title of best German Dota streamer on Twitch.

[Relevant section starts at 3:10]

When JMR Luna asked qojqva if the player misses playing on the highest level of competitive Dota, he responded by saying that “I miss the competitive aspect of competing like the you know, we [Team Liquid] are better than X team for example, or we made the Major because we went 12-0 in the qualifier games or something like that, I think I missed that part about playing just that, I miss the competing but I don't miss the traveling at all”

Qojqva also added that the main difference between becoming an active professional player and a streamer is that he gets to decide his own schedule. “I have a structured day which I really like. I mean, I think there's two different things. Like I have a structure for the day and I can choose my own structure. So like I can wake up tomorrow and be alright, I'm going to swim in the evening” said Qojqva when explaining his life as a streamer.

He also added by saying that he could not do the same when he was a professional player as he explained the sacrifices that were made due to actively being a pro player. “While in the team it's like, We're going to have a team talk at midnight. I can't be like, “No no, I don't want to do that” but I have to join regardless as that's what being in a team is like. You kind of get to do your own thing but at the end of the day it's still someone else who will control your schedule and routine.” he stated as he explains his life as a player.

When discussing Topson and ana’s move to T1, JMR Luna explained to qojqva about the roster shuffle in simpler terms by comparing the move to Tom Brady’s career. “ So Tom Brady was the quarterback of the New England Patriots and the whole time he was said to be the greatest of all time because of the coach, but then he moved to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and won the league with another team. So yeah, while I believe that Topson and ana are legends, I believe that now that they are ready for their own, let's say “solo albums”.” said JMR Luna while explaining the move to qojqva.

Finally, both JMR Luna and qojqva discussed Team Liquid’s chances of making it to TI11. They believed Liquid will face strong opposition in the Western European (WEU) Regional Qualifiers as Team Secret, Entity, Nigma Galaxy and Alliance stand in the team's way. “Entity, I think they have a very good foundation to be good. Let's just say that, do I think they will be better than Liquid, Secret or Nigma Galaxy? I would say no, but I'm not sure like they're top six at the Major while Liquid got last place with the players they have.” said Qojqva when explaining Entity’s impressive form going into Regional Qualifiers.

Team Liquid will face Fnatic later today in the ESL One Malaysia 2022, followed by Boom Esports afterwards.

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