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OG Racks Up Another Win in WEU DPC

Rakshak Kathuria
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OG picked up its fourth series victory by a 2-0 scoreline after defeating goonsquad in the WEU DPC 2021-22 Tour 3: Division 1.
Goonsquad began out the first game in a competitive fashion, even appearing to have a chance to win before OG produced a quick comeback to clinch the victory.
OG will next play against Alliance on 5th July while goonsquad goes up against Tundra Esports on 9th July.

OG continues to be in superb form, having beaten goonsquad 2-0 to take its fourth series victory in the Western Europe (WEU) Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) 2021-22 Tour 3: Division 1. Goonsquad got a reasonable start to this series, appearing to win the first game before succumbing to a classic OG comeback. As the second game progressed, goonsquad appeared to be a bit lost, whilst OG looked a class apart, winning all three lanes and completely outplaying the opponents. OG is now just one series win away from securing a berth in the next PGL Arlington Major.

OG vs goonsquad: Match recap and highlights


Game 1 saw an action-packed first 20 minutes, with roughly 40 kills altogether. With both teams obtaining about an equal split of these 40 kills, the game was evenly poised until goonsquad won a teamfight and helped it move ahead. Goonsquad was able to knock down OG's melee barracks despite a modest advantage of about 5k 30 minutes into the game. A fortuitous fast Roshan spawn benefitted OG, who took the Aegis, and courtesy of one teamfight win, got ahead. The game, which was looking promising for goonsquad at one point, abruptly shifted in favor of OG, who triumphed in 41 minutes.

In game 2, OG went for its comfort heroes - Shadow Demon for Taiga, Jakiro for Misha, and Slardar for ATF - despite the fact that these heroes arenot particularly meta heroes. The players, however, used their familiarity and understanding of these heroes to outplay goonsquad. Nobody on Goonsquad looked to be having a decent game, with Charlie having the most difficulty. He went on to finish the game with a horrendous 0-8-1 KDA. OG won the game in 34 minutes after having farmed as many enemy heroes as possible.


Here are some highlights of the series.

The efficiency with which all three core players of OG play their lanes and farm their maps is simply fascinating to watch. They are all competing for the top spot in the networth chart. Although the current meta allows offlaners to be relatively greedy, OG is one of the few teams who maintain such a balanced distribution between all three players. It is also important to give credit to Ammar "ATF" Al-Assaf, who rarely loses his lane, and even if he does, he somehow manages to recover.

This playstyle was severely punished by Tundra Esports early on in the league, who managed to smash OG with aggression. However, most other teams have been unable to figure out a way to counter the young squad's style of play over the past few months.

OG will next play against Alliance on 5th July while goonsquad goes up against Tundra Esports on 9th July.

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