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OG Eliminates GG After A Thrilling Best Of Three At TI11

Ammar Aryani
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The first match of the day saw a Western European match up between Gaimin Gladiators and OG.
Despite an amazing performance from GG in Game Two, OG would claim the final laugh as it defeated GG 2-1.
Following the defeat, Gaimin Gladiators will be the first team to be eliminated from TI11 on Day Three of the Main Event.

The third day of The International 2022 (TI11) Main Event saw OG eliminating fellow Western European team Gaimin Gladiators (GG) from TI11 after defeating them in a thrilling best of three in the Lower Bracket. OG were looked upon as the heavy favorites to move on in the series as its roster had some of the best young talents with achievements to back it up. However, GG were looking to prove themselves with a win against OG.

Despite an amazing performance from GG in Game Two, OG ended up claiming the series 2-1 after a thriller of a series, eliminating Gaimin Gladiators from TI11.

Gaimin Gladiators (GG) vs OG: Match recap

According to datdota, out of seven matches that the two teams had faced against each other in the Dota Pro Circuit and TI11,OG had won six.

However despite OG being a heavy favorite to win the series, GG were not going out of TI11 without a fight.

Game One

OG started off Game One’s drafting phase by picking up Bozhidar "bzm" Bogdanov’s signature Invoker and Monkey King from Artem "Yuragi" Golubiev while Gaimin Gladiators went for a carry Shadow Fiend, a mid lane Tiny and Underlord as its core lineup.

While the laning phase went relatively well for both teams, the mid-game shifted in favor of OG as the Monkey King-Invoker combo was too much for the opposition to handle. Despite attempts from GG to defend its base, OG will ultimately claim Game One after 39 minutes.

Game Two

With elimination on the line, GG were looking to even out the odds in Game Two as it drafted Lifestealer for Anton "dyrachyo" Shkredov and Storm Spirit for Miroslav "BOOM" Bičan while OG went Faceless Void, Pangolier and Viper as its main lineup.

Game Two saw more action between both teams as they constantly picked each other off from the laning phase. While the game’s momentum was mainly in favor of OG again, the late game itemization from BOOM’s Storm Spirit and Marcus "Ace" Christensen’s Primal Beast saw GG turning things around. Gaimin Gladiators would end up forcing a Game Three decider after claiming Game Two at 55 minutes.

Game Three

With the series being the first series at TI11 to have a Game Three decider, both teams wanted to play it safe. OG went back for bzm’s Invoker while also picking up Yuragi’s Naga Siren and Sand King for Ammar "ATF" Al-Assaf. GG on the other hand, went for stability as it drafted Kunkka, Shadow Fiend and Beastmaster as its core lineup.

Game Three ended up becoming a back and forth game between both teams as Gaimin Gladiators had the advantage during the laning and mid-game phases, with dyrachyo’s Shadow Fiend and BOOM’s Kunkka performing well.

However, OG’s itemization as well as late game potential saw the team change things around, with ATF’s Sand King and bzm’s Invoker having a massive impact during team fights. While GG tried to defend its base, OG ended up running them over as it secured a thrilling Game Three in just over 41 minutes.

Following the series, OG will move on into the Third Round of Lower Bracket while also guaranteeing themselves a Top 8 finish. However for Gaimin Gladiators, its TI11 journey will end here with a Top 12 finish.

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