Nine with Tundra Esports and Yopaj with BOOM Esports at the Gamers Galaxy Dubai 2022


Nine Says Yopaj Is the Best Midlaner He Has Played Against in a Year

Rakshak Kathuria
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Tundra Esports' Leon "Nine" Kirilin said in an interview before the grand final of the Gamers Galaxy: Dota 2 Invitational Series Dubai 2022 that BOOM Esports' Erin Jasper "Yopaj" Ferrer is the best midlaner he has faced in the past year.
This is why Nine said he was excited to beat Yopaj in the grand final, but in the end, Yopaj's BOOM Esports defeated Tundra Esports to win Gamers Galaxy: Dota 2 Invitational Series Dubai 2022.
Yopaj was a standout player in the event, recording the highest KDA of 8.88.

In competitive Dota 2, the midlane is the most exciting lane because it brings out the best and worst aspects of two individual players' skills. Over the last year, Leon "Nine" Kirilin from Tundra Esports and Erin Jasper "Yopaj" Ferrer from BOOM Esports have emerged as two of the best and most versatile midlaners in competitive Dota 2 worldwide. The two players competed in the grand finals of the Gamers Galaxy: Dota 2 Invitational Series Dubai 2022 on 6th March 2022 before which Nine paid a great compliment to Yopaj. In Nine's opinion, Yopaj is the best midlaner he's played against in the past year, so he was excited to be the one to defeat him in the grand final. Nevertheless, the grand finals didn't exactly turn out in the way Nine had hoped.

Nine praises Yopaj as being the best midlaner he has played against in a year

In addition to their gameplay prowess in the midlane, Nine's Tundra Esports and Yopaj's BOOM Esports were two of the best teams at Gamers Galaxy Dubai 2022 and competed in the grand finals.

It had been characteristic of the event to conduct brief yet engaging backstage interviews before matches, and as part of the pre-grand final interview, Nine gave his thoughts on the midlane battle against Yopaj. While Nine praised Yopaj, he also issued a message. “To be honest, he (Yopaj) has probably been the best midlaner I have played against throughout the last year. That’s why I am happy that I will be the one to beat him internationally,” Nine said.

Kyle "Kyle" Freedman then went to Yopaj to share Nine's message but Yopaj seemed surprised by it and was left in disbelief at Nine’s statement.. While Kyle was joking around, Yopaj nevertheless wished Nine good luck for the grand final.

The grand final turned out to be a tough battle not just between these two midlaners, but also between the two teams. As the series went all the way to five games, it was Yopaj's BOOM Esports that prevailed 3-2 in the final game to become the Gamers Galaxy: Dota 2 Invitational Series Dubai 2022 champions. BOOM Esports took home $109,000 USD in prize money as the winners, while Tundra Esports was awarded $54,507 as the runners-up.

While all players on BOOM Esports and their coach, Chai "Mushi" Yee Fung, excelled at their jobs throughout the event, Yopaj's performance stood out since he outperformed many midlaners in the early stages before making some great moves to find kills and set up his team for success. At an impressive 8.88, he had the highest KDA in the event; following him was Souliya "JaCkky" Khoomphetsavong at 6.60.

Yopaj and Nine will now be competing in their respective Tour 2 Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) leagues beginning on 14th March 2022.

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