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N0tail Does Not Want to Return to Competitive Dota 2 Anytime Soon

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OG's Monkey Business Podcast 26 featured former captain Johan "N0tail" Sundstein, who gave an update on his plans to return to competitive Dota 2.
N0tail made it clear that he does not want to return to pro Dota 2 anytime soon. He says that he does not have the competitive hunger just yet and is content to watch the new OG roster practice and play.
N0tail's last competitive match came at TI10. Since then, he has been mentoring the new OG roster and creating content for the organization.

Former two time The International (TI) champion Johan "N0tail" Sundstein, widely considered to be Dota 2's greatest player of all time, has been away from competitive Dota 2 for seven months now, having taken over content creation in addition to mentoring its new Dota 2 roster. However, the player's fans have been eager to hear if he would return to the game, but as he communicated during OG's Monkey Business Podcast 26, the comeback seems unlikely in the near future. While he likes to mentor the new OG roster and watch them play, N0tail clarified that he is not interested at this time in returning to active play.

N0tail says that he is not interested in returning to competitive Dota 2 currently

N0tail clarified during the podcast that he was not looking forward to playing competitive Dota 2 again, when asked by OG's CEO JMR Luna whether he was inspired to play again as the new roster prepared and played.

“I think I would need really bad weather to get pushed back into Dota. I feel reinvigorated in many senses but not really interested in competing yet. Competitive hunger isn’t there. I went to water the plants, I haven’t thought about Dota all day. It’s pretty chill.”

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The last time N0tail competed in Dota 2 professionally was during The International 10 (TI10) in October 2021. Over the past eight months, he has mentored the new OG roster, consisting of three young players, and even coached the team during its win at the Stockholm Major 2022.

Although N0tail does not possess the competitive urge to play professionally again, he appears to enjoy mentoring the current Dota 2 roster. According to him, OG's current intense training regime reminds him of 'the grind'. As the team primarily spends its time on Dota 2, whether it is strategizing, playing scrims, or playing officials, N0tail said that they don't take many holidays.

“The spirits are high, they are grinding so hard. I keep getting reminded of the grind and it’s rough as in it is one of the most draining things to do and every day it’s full sacrifice. What else do they do in a day? I think they get two to three hours to themselves every day and the rest is kind of Dota with the team. So, it’s really intense and I don’t think they get more than one max two days off days every week. Between these official games, they take one after the series, and then they are back, and then it’s two to four scrims but with so much preparation and with so much debrief and so much strategizing, it’s very intense.”

The OG Dota 2 roster's grind, as N0tail noted, is seemingly paying off, as the team is currently atop the points table in the Western Europe (WEU) Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) 2021-22 Tour 3: Division 1. The team's next series will be against goonsquad on 2nd July.

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