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Hokori Eliminates TNC Predator in a Bo3 Thriller in BTS Pro Series S12

Ammar Aryani
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BTS Pro Series S12 begins its first day of the Playoffs stage with Hokori facing off against SEA natives TNC Predator.
The series ended with Hokori defeating TNC Predator with a 2-1 scoreline
TNC Predator is now eliminated from the tournament, taking home $1,000 in prize pool earnings.

With the The International 2022 (TI11) Last Chance Qualifiers on the horizon, Beyond The Summit (BTS) has begun its Playoffs stage for the BTS Pro Series S12. Day One of the Playoffs started off with a battle between two regions, as TNC Predator faced off against a TI-invited team in Hokori.

The series ended in a 2-1 victory to Hokori, as it eliminated the Southeast Asian (SEA) natives from the tournament in a best of three. Hokori will face the loser of the Fnatic/Execration match in a couple of days.

TNC Predator vs Hokori: Match recap

During the group stages of the BTS Pro Series S12, TNC Predator lost 0-2 against the South American visitors. However, both teams ended up facing each other again in the first round of the Lower Bracket. Many people expected Hokori to win the series as it had already defeated TNC once before.

Game One

In Game One, TNC went for an unorthodox draft, as it picked QOP in the safe lane and Invoker in the midlane. Hokori on the other hand, went for a more stable draft as it drafted Templar Assassin, Lina and Death Prophet as its core lineup.

TNC’s draft ended up backfiring as it lacked the physical damage required to kill off Hokori’s heroes. The game ended after half an hour, as João "4nalog" Giannini’s Lina went on the offensive by securing Game One for Hokori in the best of three.

Game Two

In Game Two, TNC Predator went back to basics as it drafted Phantom Lancer (PL), Kunkka and Marci as its core line up. Hokori opted to counter the aggression of the PL by picking up Earthshaker as a direct counter, while also picking up Invoker and Terrorblade to provide stability in the draft.

The early game went extremely well for TNC as it managed to gain a 10k networth advantage by 30 minutes. However, a few mistakes almost allowed Hokori to come back into the game. Despite the late game mistakes, TNC managed to close out Game Two after 50 minutes as the team slowly bled Hokori out at their base.

Game Three

With the series now going into a best of one, both teams are hoping to continue their journey in the tournament. Hokori went for Pudge on Edward "Lumière" Valencia, QOP for 4nalog and Enigma for Pablo "Vitaly" Roman. TNC meanwhile, opted to draft TA for Philip "Asta丶" Torres, Pangolier for Krish "Krish" Gupta and Beastmaster for Jun "Bok" Kanehara.

While the early game was even for both teams, the mid game went in the way of TNC Predator as it managed to achieve a 20k net worth advantage. However, Hokori preserved as it came back in the late game and closed Game Three after 66 minutes, with Vitaly’s Enigma having the highest net worth in the game with 40.1K in gold earned.

With the series coming to a close, TNC Predator are now eliminated from the BTS Pro Series S12 as it takes home $1,000 USD in prize pool earnings. Hokori, though, will continue its journey in the Lower Bracket of the Playoffs as it awaits the loser of the Fnatic/Execration match in two days.

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