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Fly Talks About Evil Geniuses’ Boot Camp Preparations at TI11

Ammar Aryani
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Tal "Fly" Aizik recently released his first new podcast, where he talked about his TI11 bootcamp experience.
He revealed that the team did not scrim against South American teams, as they have played against each other a lot throughout the season.
He also revealed that the BetBoom team were Evil Geniuses’ toughest opponents during their bootcamp.

After his 4 year stint with Evil Geniuses came to an end, Tal "Fly" Aizik recently released his first ever podcast, where he talked about his former team’s boot camp preparation for The International 2022 (TI11). Evil Geniuses’ performance throughout the season has been a rollercoaster to say the least, as the team were performing at its best during the TI11 Group Stage. 

However, 2 consecutive losses against South American teams Thunder Awaken & beastcoast saw the team being eliminated from the tournament with a top twelve finish. Additionally, the organization has released its entire Dota 2 roster following the disappointing season as it looks to relocate to South America.

Fly noted that EG did not scrim against the South American teams during its TI11 bootcamp

Tal "Fly" Aizik was recently released from Evil Geniuses, along with the rest of the roster after the organization had a disappointing season at TI11 which saw them achieve a top twelve finish. Following his release, Fly has been spending his free time during the off-season by livestreaming on Twitch. However, it appears that he has also started his own podcast called “Fly And The Other Guy: A Dota-ish Podcast” with a close friend called Justin.

In his new podcast, Fly talked about EG’s boot camp preparations as the team bootcamp was held in Johor, Malaysia. The former EG captain then talked about the team’s schedule during the bootcamp, saying that they played on average six matches against other teams in a day.

“The typical day at the boot camp for us would be like, we meet up with each other right before our first scrim match of the day starts. We would strategize about what we wanted to do for today’s session and what we wanted to practice. We would have an average of 6 sets of matches per day, and then in between we would have food breaks and finally a replay analysis session before calling it a day.”

When talking about the team’s scrim opponents, Fly pointed out that the team did not scrim against South American teams as the teams had already faced each other a lot throughout the season. 

“We did get to scrim against other teams that were attending TI11, however we didn’t really get to scrim against the South American teams. Not that it is because of bad blood between the teams, it’s just that we’ve played against each other a lot throughout the season to the point where they just don’t want to play against us because they have shown us everything.”

Furthermore, he stated that despite EG’s high win rate during its bootcamp, the team often loses their matches when trying out new strategies. He also said that the BetBoom Team were their toughest opponents during the bootcamp.

“We had a win rate of 60%, but we often lost when we tried something new. Like, our ideas that we were developing [during the bootcamp] were barely working. I remember we scrimed against BetBoom at 10AM in the morning. These guys are fully awake and motivated while my team is still half asleep, and then we would get destroyed by the BetBoom Team in scrims. However, when it comes to TI the opposite happens where BetBoom were one of the first teams to be eliminated and we topped our group.”

As of now, Fly is looking to compete in the North American region with the ex-EG roster for the upcoming competitive season however it is yet to be determined whether the roster will get picked up by an organization.

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