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Faith_bian and Yun Share Their Experience at the Arlington Major

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Faith_bian and his girlfriend, Yun shared their experiences during the Arlington Major on a Weibo vlog.
Both wanted to share their experiences from two different angles, as a player and audience.
The couple also wished that more people would be able to understand the Chinese players since they all had great personalities that should transcend across language battiers.

Following the conclusion of the Arlington Major last weekend, PSG.LGD offlaner Zhang "Faith_bian" Ruida and his girlfriend, Yun posted a video of them together on Weibo–a Chinese microblogging website. In the video, both Faith_bian and his girlfriend shared some of the anecdotes from their time at the Arlington Major from different perspectives, while also speaking about the friendliness and respect from the pro players. Faith_bian and his partner also expressed that they wished more people would be able to understand Chinese players better because many of them also have great personalities that need to transcend language barriers.

Faith_bian and His Partner Share Their Experiences at the Arlington Major.

Following the closure of the PGL Arlington Major, Faith_bian & his girlfriend, Yun released a vlog video on Weibo where both of them shared their experiences from two different perspectives, as a player and as an audience. Faith_bian and PSG.LGD finished second at the Major, losing 3-1 in the Grand Finals to Team Spirit. The contents of the video was later translated and summarized by Alliance’s assistant coach, Leon “Arthur” Lee as the Malaysian coach wanted to help relay the contents of the vlog to the Dota 2 community.

Ceb Being the Face of Dota 2

Yun started off the vlog by voicing her opinions on Sébastien "Ceb" Debs, who was standing in for OG at the time. Yun can speak French, so she revealed that she spoke with Ceb , and found out that they both have Masters degrees. She was amazed that Ceb did his degree while becoming a two-time The International (TI) winner. She also agreed with Faith_bian in claiming that Ceb is the face of Dota 2.

Team Spirit Players Being Kind to Them.

Faith_bian and Yun also shared their opinions on Team Spirit, particularly on Illya "Yatoro" Mulyarchuk and Miroslaw "Mira" Kolpakov as they described the players as friendly and respectful. After their win against Team Spirit in the Upper Bracket Finals, Faith_bian mentioned that both Yatoro and Mira greeted them , with Yatoro saying “See you tomorrow”, while Mira saluted and said the same from afar. This indicates Spirit’s confidence of beating Team Aster in the Lower Bracket Final and meeting PSG.LGD again at the Grand Finals.

Fly Being a Workaholic and Nice Person Overall

Faith_bian described EG captain Tal "Fly" Aizik and his girlfriend as a workaholic and disciplined couple before telling a story about his first encounter with Fly during his first international event at the Summit 5 in 2016 as part of Wings Gaming. He remembered at the time that he went down to the living room looking for food but there were no burgers left as the organizers prepared burgers for the players at the time. As he turned around while walking towards the stairs, Fly handed him a burger, having been observant at the time. He felt a lot of love after the gesture, as he was a no-name rookie to the scene at the time.

“Chef” Ana Denies Rumors of Being a Chef After Retirement.

Faith_bian and Yun also talked about Anathan "ana" Pham, who was standing in for RNG at the Major at the time. Both of them hilariously stated that they had discovered that Ana was not a professional chef. In China, there’s a meme about ana retiring from the competitive scene to become a professional chef, after becoming a two-time TI winner. Ana told them that the rumors were false.

Chris Luck and Faith_bian Bonded Over Mispronounced Words.

Faith_bian also told in the vlog that he recalled having a hilarious interaction between himself and beastcoast mid laner Jean ``Chris Luck '' Salazar where they bonded over a mispronounced word during a pause in one of their games against each other in a tournament. Faith_bian told the viewers that Chris Luck once typed in all chat “Zen me la” as “za ma le”, with the former word being translated as “What’s wrong?” in Chinese. While it shows that Chris Luck (also known as C_Smile) might know a bit of the language, Faith_bian finds it funny as he has never seen anyone asked like that before. Following the incident, Faith_bian would yell “Zen me la” at Chris Luck every time they encountered each other in real life, with the latter yelling back the same thing before both laughed in joy.

Finally before concluding the vlog, the couple wishes that more people would be able to understand the Chinese players more because many of them have great personalities and hope that the global community can witness it, but citing language barrier as a primary obstacle. A full translation of the vlog has been translated by Twitter user (@cztang) for the community to read in detail.

Faith_bian and PSG.LGD will most likely take time off after having an amazing Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) season, which places them as the number one team of the season despite securing second place at the Arlington Major before preparing for boot camp as the team will travel to Singapore for The International 2022.

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