Delays and Frustration: Day 1 of Lima Dota 2 Major Playoffs Leaves Fans Disappointed

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Day 1 of the Lima Dota 2 Major playoffs had extensive production issues causing the broadcast to last nearly 17 hours, leaving fans and players frustrated.
Despite the delays, exciting matches took place, with teams like Shopify Rebellion and Team Liquid securing top 6 finishes while Evil Geniuses and Team Spirit dropped to the lower brackets.
The highlight of the day was Arteezy's Aegis steal on Shadow Fiend when he was on a 1 v 5 scenario.

Yesterday's first day of the Lima Dota 2 Major playoffs was marred by extensive production issues that delayed games and caused the broadcast to last nearly 17 hours, leaving fans and players in utter dismay. Many viewers had hoped to watch the entirety of the first day of the playoffs for the first Major of this season. However, they were met with frustrating delays that left them waiting for an extended period. 

Viewers and participants alike were left frustrated by the lack of communication from the tournament organizers, who did not provide regular updates or explanations for the delays. As a result, many viewers were left in the dark about the reasons for the delays and the expected start times for the remaining matches.

However, despite multiple delays and extensive pauses, the tournament proceeded with exciting matches, and several teams including the likes of Shopify Rebellion and Team Liquid secured Top 6 finishes and moved on to the next round of the upper brackets. Others, including some big names like Evil Geniuses and Team Spirit were relegated to the lower brackets, where they face the possibility of elimination in the next round.

Teams Battle Ridiculous Delays on Day 1 of the Lima Major Playoffs

Gaimin Gladiators opened Day 1 of the Lima Major playoffs with a clinical dismantling of Team Aster. The Western European side won all of its lanes in both games and easily managed to close out wins in both games in just over 33 minutes in both games. As a result, Team Aster dropped down to the lower brackets and will now face Tundra Esports in its elimination match.

It was a similar story for Entity who also managed to secure an easy 2-0 victory over South American favorites Evil Geniuses in the second series of the day. Overall, Entity’s command over strategies surrounding meta heroes like Lina and Nature’s Prophet elevated it over its South American opponents, who could not keep up.

The third series of the day which saw Shopify rebellion take on Team Spirit was easily the most entertaining series of the day with back-and-forth exchanges in all games. While Team Spirit took the lead in the series with a quick first-game victory, Evil Geniuses turned it around with Arteezy’s Shadow Fiend who reminded the world of his near-limitless capabilities on the hero.

He featured in the two best moments of the day:

Stealing an Aegis and an Aghanim’s Shard in a 1 v 5

Almost single-handedly winning a teamfight

In the final match of the day, Team Liquid proved its dominance with a commanding 2-0 victory over Talon Esports, pushing the SEA team to an elimination game against HellRaisers.

The nearly 17-hour delay-ridden broadcast during the first day of the Lima Major has caused concerns among fans and raised comparisons to the notorious Shanghai Major. The extended delays may undermine the tournament's reputation and discourage viewership. It remains to be seen if the organizers can address the production issues and ensure a smoother tournament in the coming days.

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