Alliance.LATAM Part Ways With Lumiere & Thiolicor


Alliance.LATAM Part Ways With Lumiere & Thiolicor

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Despite a decent debut in SA DPC 2023 Tour 1: Division I, Alliance.LATAM announced that it will be parting ways with carry player Lumiere & support Thiolicor.
The duo were formerly a part of Hokori, who had made headlines at The International 2022 (TI11) before being picked up by Alliance for its South American branch.
As of now, the team is currently playing in the BTS Pro Series Season 14: Americas with two stand-ins.

Despite a respectable third place finish in the South American Dota Pro Circuit (SA DPC) 2023 Tour 1: Division I, Alliance announced that it has officially parted ways with carry player Edward “Lumiere” Guillen & support Thiago “Thiolicor” Cordeiro. The duo, along with the rest of the team previously made headlines at The International 2022 (TI11) as the team almost secured an Upper Bracket placement at the event.

While the team ended the year with a 13th-16th place at TI11, its performances at the event caught the attention of Alliance who wanted to expand to South America. The former Hokori roster ended up being recruited into Alliance as its new Latin America (LATAM) roster.

Lumiere & Thiolicor part ways despite 3rd place finish in Division I

“Thank you @Lumieredota and @Thiolicordota for the incredible time with us, for your hard work and commitment. See you soon.” Alliance announced the departure on its official Twitter page.

Following the announcement, Alliance.LATAM’s current roster is as follows:-

  1. TBA

  2. João “4nalog” Giannini

  3. Pablo “Vitaly” Angulo

  4. TBA

  5. Anthony “Gardick” López

The duo were recruited by their previous organization, Hokori in early 2022 as the team wanted to prove itself within the region with up and coming talents. While the team did almost qualify to the Stockholm Major, the team were relegated to Division II at the end of the season. 

However, following its respectable performances at BTS Pro Series Season 12: Southeast Asia as well as TI11 Hokori were picked up by Alliance as part of its South American expansion. The team was rebranded to become Alliance.LATAM for the 2023 season while also returning to Division I by acquiring Tempest’s DPC slot.

While the team understandably struggled in the regional league during the Winter tour, the team were able to finish in 3rd place following a four-way tiebreaker. However, it appeared that it wasn't enough for the organization as it parted ways with two of its players at the end of the tour.

As of now, Alliance.LATAM are currently playing in the second phase of the BTS Pro Series Season 14: Americas with Infamous’s carry player Alonso "Mnz" León & former Hokori support player Yelsthin "elmisho" Hurtado standing in for the vacant spots. However, it would not be surprising if the organization decided to recruit the duo at the end of the tournament.

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