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WePlay Academy League Season 4 Playoffs: Teams, Results, Schedule, Streams, More

Here is everything about the WAL Season 4.

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The playoffs stage of the WePlay Academy League (WAL) Season 4 is all set to take place from 24th to 26th June.
The event featuring a total prize pool of $100,000 USD had started out with a total of 13 academy teams with only four left to compete in the playoffs.
Here are the complete details for the WAL Season 4 including teams, schedule, results, livestreams, and all other information.

The WePlay Academy League (WAL) Season 4 is a grassroots level CS:GO tournament that started on 24th May with 13 academy teams. It has finally reached the playoffs stage and is down to just the final four teams, all set to take place from 24th to 26th June.

Unlike the last three seasons of the tournament which featured a mix of an online-cum-offline tournament, with the initial stages taking place online followed by the playoffs being played in a LAN setup, this time the whole competition has been setup as an online gathering.

Though the event still features a $100,000 USD (INR 78,28,455) total prize pool, the number of participating teams has witnessed an increment of 30% going from 10 teams to 13 this season.

Here is the complete information for the playoffs of WAL Season 4, everything from qualified teams, event schedule, results, format, prize pool distribution, livestream, and all other details.

WePlay Academy League (WAL) Season 4 Playoffs: Complete Details

The first two stages of WAL Season 4 have concluded with the group stage taking place from 24th May to 6th June, followed by the play-in stage taking place from 9th to 12th June. Four CS:GO teams qualified through both these stages to compete in the playoffs, complete details about which have been provided below.


A total of 13 CS:GO academy teams had participated in this tournament, but only four remain after having fought through the two initial stages to reach the playoffs.

The four teams that qualified through to the playoffs are as follows,


  2. FURIA Academy

  3. Fnatic Rising

  4. BIG Academy

Other academy teams that participated in this tournament are as follows,

  1. 00 Prospects

  2. Apeks Rebels

  3. Astralis Talent

  4. Eternal Fire Academy

  5. Natus Vincere Junior

  6. OG Academy

  7. Young Gods

  8. Young Ninjas

  9. Team Spirit Academy

Schedule and Results

24th June | Upper Bracket Round 1

25th June | Lower Bracket Round 1, Upper Bracket Final

26th June | Lower Bracket Final, Grand Final

Here are the results of the playoffs for the WePlay Academy League Season 4.


The four teams competing in the playoffs stage of WAL Season 4 will be following a double-elimination format where every match will witness a best-of-three series, including the grand final.

Prize Pool Split

The total prize pool of $100,000 USD (INR 78,28,455) will be split between the top ten teams competing in the WAL Season 4 depending on their placement at the tournament.


The playoffs of the WePlay Academy League Season 4 will be livestreamed across multiple platforms like YouTube and Twitch in three languages, English, Ukrainian, and Russian.

English: Twitch | YouTube

Ukrainian: Twitch | YouTube

Russian: Twitch

The playoffs are going to be electrifying with the three-time defending champion, MOUZ NXT, once again having made their way to the final stage and looking in absolutely great shape to secure the title for the fourth time on the trot.

So far no other CS:GO academy team has won the WAL title except for MOUZ NXT, who claimed the throne in the first season and have maintained its grasp till date. It will be interesting to see if the team will be able to crown themselves the champions once again.

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