ZywOo Fails Last Second Plant As Bullet Tags Him To Slow Move Speed


[Watch] ZywOo Fails Last Second Plant as Bullet Tags Him to Slow Move Speed

One random shot results in a round loss for Vitality.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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A bullet tag was enough to prevent ZywOo from successfully executing a last second plant on the 'A-Site' of Dust 2.
The drop in ZywOo's movement speed due to the bullet tag was enough to steal a precious second away from Team Vitality.
Vitality still went on to win the series with a clean '2-0' sweep, moving on to the semifinals of IEM Fall 2021.

Team VItality's ace player Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut ran out of time to execute a plant on Dust 2, as a bullet tagged him to drop his movement speed. Playing against Copenhagen (CPH) Flames in the first match of the playoffs, Vitality had to face a tough fight in order to secure a '2-0' victory.

One of the most intense and dramatic rounds of the tight best-of-three series came in the 22nd round of Dust 2, which was Vitality's map pick. The French lineup burnt away the clock for a very late round execute towards the 'A-Site', missing the plant by one second as a stray bullet struck ZywOo while passing 'A Cross', slowing him down drastically.

One bullet prevents ZywOo from executing a last-second plant on Dust 2

Vitality despite leading '12-9' on Dust 2, against CPH Flames, was not taking the match lightly as they played every round carefully with a lot of thought put in, planning out their moves for each round.

During the 22nd round, Vitality opted to execute a very late push towards the 'A-Site'. It was always going to be a tight squeeze for the French squad who entered through 'Long Doors' with only 22 second left on the round clock.

The opening was really strong as VItality took two quick frags to get the upper hand. However, an anchor player holding the site was able to slow down the push just slightly. ZywOo with the C4 in hand started to make his way towards the site but a bullet from 'CT Spawn' struck him, slowing down his move speed and taking away that crucial second required to plant succesfully.

From the clip above you see how through a wide hole in the smoke Jakob "Jabbi" Nygaard is able to tag ZywOo with a bullet to momentarily slow him down and hence prevent the plant. CPH Flames stole the round from Vitality, despite Vitality playing the clock pretty well.

Unfortunately, Jabbi was brave enough to peek the open smoke spot and did enough to win the round for his side. In the end however, Vitality walked away with a clean '2-0' victory to move ahead into the semifinals.

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