Vini Hits Back To Back Wallbangs To Deny Liquid A Plant On Mirage


[Watch] VINI Hits Back to Back Wallbangs to Deny Liquid a Plant on Mirage

The timing, the accuracy, the insane shots.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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VINI hits a couple of well calculated wallbangs to ensure an overtime round win for FURIA against Team Liquid.
He denies Team Liquid the plant two times and secures the round for his side single-handedly.
Sadly, FURIA lost the overtime '19-17' resulting in them getting eliminated from ESL Pro League Season 14.

There are certain surfaces in CS:GO through which bullets can penetrate, with every weapon having its own penetration damage. This basically means that a player taking cover behind such surfaces will still take damage if fired upon. In a tense overtime situation against Team Liquid, FURIA's Vinicius "VINI" Figueiredo, armed with an AWP took full advantage of one such penetrable cover on Mirage's 'A-Site', securing consecutive wallbang kills to win the round for his side.

These shots are not easy to take as you do not actually know the position of the enemy player behind the wall or box. A missed shot would have put FURIA under a lot of pressure, so with a bit of luck and excellent positioning, VINI was able to hit those incredible wallbangs.

VINI wins round for FURIA on the back of insane wallbangs

VINI was on fire in the 33rd round of the map against Team Liquid during the overtime on Mirage. Team Liquid with a late rotation into the 'A-Site' via the 'Connector' were coming in for a plant, but VINI with a perfectly timed rotate through the 'CT-Spawn' reached just in time when Michael "Grim" Wince was in the middle of planting the C4.

With his immaculate instinct and a bit of luck, VINI took a shot through the box which landed a headshot through the cover on Grim, successfully denying the plant with only 14 seconds left on the round clock.

Jacky "Stewie2K" Yip went in next to continue planting, with a bit of a different angle behind the same box. This time VINI once again peaked blind not knowing the enemy's position, but his prediction turned out to be accurate as he once again landed a headshot to deny the plant for the second time.

This was enough to win them the round as only six seconds remained on the round clock and Keith "NAF" Markovic was still a significant distance away from the dropped C4.

That was one incredible play from VINI as he single-handedly won the round for his side, with a couple of really well calculated wallbangs, as FURIA simply played the clock and kept fighting on.

Unfortunately, Team Liquid won the over time '19-17', eliminating FURIA from the group stage as they, along with NIP and Gambit, made it through to the ESL Pro League Season 14 - Playoffs.

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